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  • “But the fanfic people were doing something very different. They had converged on a set of elaborate tagging conventions that allowed them to turn Delicious into a custom search engine for fanfic.”

    “In my foolishness I asked, “Could you make me a list of those features? I’ll take a look, maybe some of it is easy to implement.”

    Oh yes, they could make make a list.

    I had summoned a very friendly Balrog.”

    “Here I’ve shown a paragraph where someone asks me if I can build a user search feature, and I reply at length about why that’s not trivial. At that point someone decides that it’s easier for them to just go build the feature on the spot. They set up a little app in Heroku that mapped Pinboard usernames to Delicious usernames.

    In the time it took me to explain why I couldn’t build the feature, someone did it for me and stuck a hyperlink into this document that is spiraling out of control.”
    @ddmeyer The other interesting analogy to the MTBoS I like is pinboard/fanfic: https://t.co/q9XVxshFUs

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  • “how do folks continue to ignore facts? How have people’s viewpoints become so insular and isolated that any contradictory information never even penetrates the bubble? How did we get to a point where dialogue is impossible? And I’m not just referring to this presidential race, but to many other areas of discussion as well. Am I imagining this or has the echo chamber, where one only hears what one agrees with, expanded in scope and at the same time had the effect of increasing that anger and the inability to have a dialogue?”

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  • for the non-existent selfie class files
    I do need to see those deaths proportionate to population though . . .

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  • Some really odd opportunities to play with text and see what happens – the fibonnaci sequence has to be fun

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  • ” In education, with its codes of rules emanating from a government office, with its large classes and fixed curriculum and overworked teachers, with its determination to produce a dead level of glib mediocrity, the lack of reverence for the child is all but universal. Reverence requires imagination and vital warmth; it requires most imagination in respect of those who have least actual achievement or power. ”

    ” The teacher without reverence, or the bureaucrat without reverence, easily despises the child for these outward inferiorities. He thinks it his duty to ‘mould’ the child; in imagination he is the potter with the clay. And so he gives to the child some unnatural shape which hardens with age, producing strains and spiritual dissatisfactions, out of which grow cruelty and envy and the belief that others must be compelled to undergo the same distortions.”

    h/t Dave Cormier
    My last blog post, written smarter and 100 years ago. https://t.co/nZmizKTtTb via @nickkearney https://t.co/PTC8Hw3UQW

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  • “We design and build technology tools to help our partners change behavior, enhance understanding and even create delight.  DALI uses mindful design to create solutions to a wide variety of problems.

    Student lab members get a unique and powerful educational experience.”

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  • Academics debate Shakespeare Association hashtag on Twitter

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