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  • I wonder how often this opportunity is there but the person isn’t . . . seems like the very definition of computational thinking.

    “In the end, the tool was very crude but accomplished something very useful: It had a flow that ensured all the reports required by people on the ground, and above, were sent in a timely and orderly manner. Each step of that flow was almost entirely automated. Each button filled a template and put the text in the clipboard for copy-pasting in the chat. Events were timed automatically. Distances and time of travel were computed automatically. A dropdown menu facilitated entering common values. Big warning signs were visible when a time critical step was ongoing, or some important data was missing.”

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  • “We see an awful lot in our field about what “the research tells us”, typically stated in such a way as to suggest we are charlatans if we don’t go along with it. I see this a lot, on a daily basis. “The research” is the basis of enterprises like the Campbell Collaboration, the promotion of various educational theories, and the authoring of well-meaning blog posts. But there is substantial reason to be sceptical. “All the old methods are in doubt. Even meta-analyses, which once were thought to yield a gold standard for evaluating bodies of research now seem somewhat worthless…. If you analyze 200 lousy studies, you’ll get a lousy answer in the end. It’s garbage in, garbage out.” The crisis can’t be wished away, nor can the basic lack of reproducibility be whitewashed. It’s easy to hack your way to the conclusion you want to support. The phenomenon is well-documented, and we in education and technology should reserve judgements established through increasingly questionable methodology.”

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