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  • One of my neighbors in Huntsville.

    “During the height of the Cold War, Roy was required to call in and give a code at predetermined times. It is my understanding that Roy’s work and identity were so secret that a conference with him involved three adjoining secure hotel rooms: one for Roy, one for the party wishing to communicate with him, and, in between, one for a coordinating committee. Before any exchange of information, a ”need to know” and proper clearance had to be established. His supervisor told me that during this time even he couldn’t fully discuss Roy’s work.

     Why? Roy knew more about the trajectory of Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles than anyone in the free world. Roy could tell within seconds of a missile launch where it was going to hit! His formulation of algorithms to describe the actions of these weapons laid the foundation for the missile defense system – a major factor in the fall of the Soviet Union.
     Roy worked alone. When offered staff he refused with the answer, “I’m a researcher, not an administrator.””

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  • “It’s been years since I role-played a spellcaster, but even in quantum experiments teleportation appears to conserve momentum. Fatality depends primarily on how long he’s been falling and secondarily on how heavy he is. For humans in earth gravity, most falls above 46 meters are deadly, but I can’t speak for half-elves living in whatever escapist fantasy you’ve constructed for yourself. So, yes. Your Dungeon Master is most likely correct. “

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  • “Does a zombie really engage in cannibalism? Zombies in fiction will eat humans but not other zombies. It seems to me that if a zombie ate a zombie or a human ate a human, both would be cannibalism. But since a zombie is no longer human, a zombie eating a human or a human eating a zombie would not be cannibalism. This argument was pointed out in Dawn of the Dead (1978).–Burzum 4 July 2005 03:10 (UTC)

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  • “The hipster’s laissez-faire dissent is not quite as subversive as the Weathermen’s bombing of the Pentagon. But it’s what passes for revolution in our yuppified time.”

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