Weekly Work Log – 10/26

It didn’t take me long to forget to do this but I’m catching up as it was already written. For clarity this is the combined efforts of Matt, Jeff, and myself. It’s not a particularly exciting week. Lots of maintenance of things. Lots of meetings.

This Week

  • Workshops
  • Sites
    • Developing social work podcast site with faculty person – currently behind a password
  • Outreach
    • Godbeer – Directory of the Humanities Research Center
    • Powers – Chair of the History Dept.
    • Planning for VCU Library Archival Remix begun with Hillary
  • Software Versioning Updates
    • Rampages
      • upgraded to WP 4.9.8 after some permissions challenges
      • Themes updated
    • Augmenting.me
      • Server updated
      • Plugins updated
    • Rampages staging
      • Plugins updated
      • Themes updated
  • Technical Issues
    • TICN DNS redirection issue
    • H5P plugin library issue (Russian OER) *** ongoing
  • Meetings
    • IEDT meeting on 10/22 – notes
    • TICN meeting on 10/22 – went over script with Molly and stakeholders on the TICN team Discussed next steps: Video building, website adjustments, and curriculum material creation.
    • VCU-wide eLearning Best Practices Group
    • Top Hat Strategy meeting – requested
      • group training
      • more information on marketplace concept
      • information on faculty that they are targeting for contact
    • Adobe Licensing meeting with Alice and Andrew
  • Podcast
    • Episode one recorded, edited, and uploaded
    • Site created
    • Feed registered with Apple – awaiting verification process

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