Weekly Work Log – 11/02

Lots of face-to-face workshops this week.

The stupid thing that ate a lot of time this week was a strict setting on Maria DB which we thought was fixed but for some reason didn’t stick (evaporating fixes are the worst because you think that thing is done and not something to look at again). That would have been fine if we were looking at the original error but it turns out that same core issue is expressed in different ways in different plugins. If you’re looking for some of the details that ended up allowing us to chase down the issue check out Invalid überName

  •  Outreach
    • Hillary – OER remix and Wikipedia edit-a-thon
    • Cody – CAS Authentication for WordPress
  • Workshops
    • Two in class MASC WordPress workshops
      • 10/29
      • 10/30
    • Halloween-themed workshops
      • 10/31 – 10:30
      • 10/31 – 12:00
    • Business faculty workshop
      • 11/2
    • New workshop added to catalog on digital survival skills
  • Meetings
    • KJM – FERPA, Region 1, student privacy conversation
  • Podcast recorded
  • Project
    • Goodbeer – assistance with family tree formatting for print book in Adobe Illustrator
  • Enhancement
    • Created plugin to segment Rampages users into faculty/student groups for better analysis and proactive communication
  • Major issues resolved
    • Database strict setting was causing problems with H5P library installation – discovered and fixed after significant troubleshooting
  • Software Versioning Updates
    • Theme updates rampages
    • Plugin updates rampages
      • Installed and activated Gutenberg Editor on Staging in preparation for testing