Weekly Work Log

As I’ve done in the past, I’m going to try to document what went down this week. Unlike the past, I’m actually doing this for an internal purpose so I think we’ll keep after it better. The challenge will be walking the line between giving enough context to make it useful to the 4 people who might be interested and making it too much of a hassle for me for 4 people. We’ll see how that plays out but history doesn’t look good.


This Week

  • Workshops
    • The HTML workshop occurred on 10/17 and was focused on IEDT members prior to offering it to a broader audience. We had 5 in-person attendees and 2 virtual attendees.
  • ALT Lab site
    • Faculty comment submissions are rolling in – we currently have 14 which you can see here. We’ll be exposing those quotes on the front page once we chop them up and remove some of the specificity of names.
    • Workshops
    • Some visual improvements have been made to the front page
  • Footprints on the James Site
    • We met with [VCU FACULTY NAME] and are about 60% done with this site. There is some solid options to expand it as OER focused on river ecology, student research, and public science. We’re exploring ways to use the course as a way to attract students from more diverse backgrounds into the biology program.
  • Chatbot
    • Analytics report created and sent on 10/15
  • ALT Lab Data Site
    • Backend data entry is complete
    • Front end is 60% complete
  • Digital Sociology Home Page
    • Revisions to mapping javascript due to change in GEO IP API
  • Software Versioning Updates
    • Ram Pages 14 plugins updated
    • Discourse updated
    • Matamo updated
    • Online@VCU new courses made accessible
    • COBE – updated and classic editor installed
    • Artfulness – updated and classic editor installed
    • VCU Qatar  – updated and classic editor installed
    • Pressbooks – updated PHP to 7.2 to accommodate newest Pressbooks version and Pressbooks
    • Thoughtvectors
      • Preparation for transfer and deletion
        • Download and share mysql data
        • Compress and share uploads
        • Compress and share themes

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