5 thoughts on “Zombie Vocab – Accentuate

  1. Serena,

    As long as there’s someone else out there who’s amused by this I’ll keep it up- and the Internet’s a big place. 🙂

    I did a few more tonight and they’ll post over the next few days. Considering how infrequently I post I figured I’d better draw it out.

  2. Oh, yes, as much as I have been enjoying these bizarre zombie vocab. words, there’s no chance it would have been appropriate to use in my particular classroom–even though it was high school. “The classroom” encompasses many different types of classrooms, after all.

    But what I particularly like about what Tom is doing here is showing an example of how effective a powerful image and theme can be in presenting content–rather than the mind-numbing, boring list of vocab. words and definitions being passed out or posted on the internet in classroom after classroom…

  3. Your wife is sadly right, this wouldn’t fly in most schools; But I love it nonetheless! Each zombie vocabulary idea gets better and better.

    How did you do the remarkable blood staining?

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