1 Story – 4 Icons

Assignment: Reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons. That’s my attempt above. I tried to stick to a three color scheme. The first image is supposed to be a parking meter. My wife was unable to ID it. It needs work. Hopefully the other three are at least identifiable. I don’t use vector drawing tools very often. I clearly need to spend some more time with them to get some skills but that was half the reason I attempted this. My learning is now public, fairly messy, but most of all not really what I want. That is ok. It’s fun. It isn’t a contest. I’m enjoying it. I do not fear Jim Groom’s red pen. You might also notice that I’m doing assignments in and around the #ds106 course but not necessarily all the ones that are assigned, nor am I necessarily doing them in the order they are given. I’m doing extra “work” with the interest and energy moves me1. I may go back and do some. I may not. I like the MOOC idea. I find it valuable to have a group of people moving through the roughly same ideas at roughly the same time. I like the freedom I find in the […]

Better Animated GIF Tutorial for PS CS4

I’ve been fairly obsessed with animated gifs lately. My apologies. It was really If We Don’t, Remember Me that had me stuck in this loop. This person churns out such really interesting visuals, I couldn’t rest until I got something fairly close. I feel like the image above, while not perfect, is close enough to let things rest for a while1. Initially, I just thought IWDRM was just a master of choosing just the right clip. Now, that part can’t be discounted but there’s a lot of other things that go on to improve the final product. While fairly simple, I’ll try to detail what I did and how I eventually learned to make it more economical time wise. I’m not a PS guy, so there may be even better ways. If you know them, let me know. This is tilted towards CS4 but I imagine the concepts will make sense if you use other versions or other software. Clip your video down in Quicktime or something like that. You can edit in the PS import tool but it’s awkward. Import the video files to layers. The animation window will be at the bottom. Edit it until you’ve got a decent cycle going. The first frame will be the still portion of the image so choose one that is clear. […]

Bag of Gold – BlackBoard Remix

After reading Martha’s awesome post, I was not happy. Against my better judgement, I went to watch the BlackBoard “Mashup” tool tutorial1. There was something about the voice and the strangely stilted cadence that forced me to do this. Bag of Gold – BlackBoard Remix Actually, this would be a pretty interesting assignment. Take the media of two opposing viewpoints, mash them up so that they appear to express one harmonious view. 1 Hilarious by the way

Giving It Away

The Knight Rider gif has nothing to do with this post but it might make you feel better. If you’re here from #ds106, that image is for you, the post is likely to be depressing although it does at least reference Gardner’s digital facelift talk. What passes for deep thoughts on this blog Here’s my fairly simple idea. School systems are paying corporations/speakers/consultants millions in the hope of finding short term, instantaneous solutions – essentially elements of the digital facelift1. That money should go toward improving teachers, building internal capacity, and creating teacher evangelists for concepts and tools. Instead we keep trying to buy shortcuts. We end up with tools/programs teachers don’t want and which many teachers don’t use. We end up paying companies to develop the expertise of their employees while our own employees lack funding for professional development. What if we stopped paying for cheap, easy fixes? Take Discovery Learning’s 150,000 “learning objects” for instance. Most teachers only use a tiny, tiny fraction of those videos. What if we just paid people to find videos on the web and tag them in a way that makes them accessible? If that fails, what if we paid teachers to make the videos that were needed? I know the quality might not be as good, but we really have to think […]

IOGraphica: It had to be done

I blame D’Arcy for this. I kept thinking that it’d be interesting to take the results of IOGraphica and make it into stop motion animation. I looked for ways to download the image every X minutes but failed to find any way to do that in the program. I then thought, I could just remember to do this every hour or so. Then I realized I’d never do that even with a calendar reminder and besides, computers are supposed to do this stuff for me. My next attempt was to search for AppleScripts that might have been written to do this for me. I wandered around quite a bit and found nothing. I then looked to see if IOGraphica had anything in the AppleScript Dictionary (While running Script Editor>File>Open Dictionary> choose the App you want). Nothing there. Now I was stuck. I had invested nearly an hour last night searching for the answer. I saw a few other people interested in a solution. So, I dusted off a few of my old AppleScripting bookmarks in delicious1. The hassle with Applescripting applications without dictionaries is that you are pretty much shooting blind . . . unless you use the amazingly useful UI Browser. If AppleScripting were a class the teacher would ban the UI Browser. It not only helps you find […]


A Bag of Gold

I really liked Gardner Campbell’s “No More Digital Facelifts” talk that was recommended watching for #ds106 (embedded below). I like it enough that I decided to remix it. I don’t claim to have captured all, or perhaps any, of the spirit/content of Gardner’s talk but it was an interesting experiment and hopefully one that entertains a few people. If anything it should encourage you to listen to the actual talk. It really is good and I don’t like talks. bag of gold Limitations I limited myself to the length of the instrumental (Nas – If I Ruled the World) I limited myself to under an hour of editing. Some Notes on Process I chose the Nas song after browsing around looking for instrumentals that were titled something to do with gold and being unhappy with what I found. One easy way I use to get a feel for a good song is to set the audio of the speech playing and then browse for music. That way, when I preview various songs, I’m hearing the voice over the music like I would in the final product. I did all the editing in GarageBand. I tend to cut up the speech as I listen and pull clips that I especially like into a different track. Once I’ve got them there I […]

Everything Tells Stories Now

After seeing D’Arcy’s mouse drawing1 I decided to download iographica and make one myself. It does tell the story of my day- including when I went to a 2.5 hr meeting and forget that I had the program turned on. It might be interesting to do trade these and have outsiders describe what led to that particular piece of mouse art. 1 I’m tired and that’s the best and least pretentious way I can think to say that right now.


I’ve been posting a lot of garbage animated gifs on here, essentially just reveling in the chaos of what can be made. After reading Alan’s post I decided to publish something a little more serious and a little more in line with the spirit of the original challenge. The movement is minimal. The eyes convey just how freaked out Arnold is at this moment as the alien climbs right next to him. This scene is from Predator. That was back in 1987. I remembered the eyes, although it took me a while to find the scene on the internet. In my head I actually confused it some with this Rambo scene. Anyway, I love the creepy feel and think it’s closer to the original spirit of the challenge and the If We Don’t Remember Me site.