Google Form as Choose Your Own Adventure Tool

Just a quick proof of concept for a session I’m doing at VSTE. I’m trying to show how you can use most things in all sorts of ways despite what they were intended to do. Apparently the example Google put out for this way back when actually used choose your own adventure to demo the concept. I promise I didn’t know that. Embedded below is a simple example of a choose your own adventure story using the branch logic options in Google forms. It’s a little hard to keep the pages straight at first but it gets easier as you go. Were I doing something large, I’d probably have to map it out first. Loading…

All My Cars are Immigrants

I heard this line coming home. My drama need a passport. All my cars are immigrants.1 How could I not make a poster for Gucci Mane and adding a whole slew of immigrant cars? I’m sure he meant he had a lot of Kias. 1 Language and themes in this song are questionable if you aren’t keeping straight gangsta.

VSTE Conference Presentations

I’ll be updating this post as I pull the content together. These are presentations I’m doing at VSTE this year. Common Tools, Uncommon Uses Take a sideways look at educational uses for common tools and websites. Projectile motion in Word? Google forms for a choose-your-own-adventure novel? Yep. Stuff like that. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list and the goal is more about encouraging people to look at these tools and realize that no matter the goal of the creators/marketers we can use them in all kinds of powerful ways that were never intended. I think in the end, I’m going to organize it by concept and show multiple applications that support those concepts. SCREENSHOTS Movie frames for comics Capture motion data Summarize movies PPT Visual timer ComicLife/Mind Mapping Choose Your Own Adventure EXCEL Text manipulation Self-Correcting Crossword Puzzle MadLibs 8 bit graphic design WORD Onion skinning to map motion DIY ComicLife, Omnigraffle etc. GOOGLE FORMS Choose your own adventure Intelligent assessments WORDPRESS/BLOGS MOOCs: Define and Applied to K12 Massive Online Open Courses are catching on. What are they and what can K12 teachers learn from them? Both professional development and concrete classroom applications will be explored After I explain what a MOOC is and show a few examples that might be interesting for K12 educators. I’m going to […]

Bloom’s Rocks!

Rocks are going to REVOLUTIONIZE education! Just look how easily rocks cover all levels of Bloom’s! Remembering I write things on my rocks and it helps me remember. I can also use rocks as eco-friendly flash cards. Understanding Comparing my rock to other rocks demonstrates my understanding. Sometime I categorize all of my rocks. Applying I apply what I know about physics and use my kinesthetic intelligence to skip my rock. Analyzing I like to use conglomerates to help me differentiate between components and analyze the role of different composite pieces. Evaluating Sometimes I just sit on a large rock, quietly reflecting on my rock- thinking about how we are all on a large rock and stuff like that. Creating My rock can be used to make many things. I use it as a hammer mostly but I can stack my rocks into cool towers, use it as a canvas, make it into an arrowhead, or use to ground grain.


HCPS’s Path to 21st Century-ish Stuff in 5 minutes

In case you’re feeling masochistic, here’s my 5 minute Ignite style presentation on Henrico’s path to 21st century skills.1 You can see the other 5 min presentations here. It’s an interesting national look at what people are trying to do. I’m always interesting in how these things overlap. 1 Yes, I plan to transition to awkward PPT based comedy in the near future.



I’m at the State Educational Technology Directors Association leadership summit, yet I am clearly not a state director of anything. Nonetheless, it is an interesting place to be and I’ve heard and had a number of interesting conversations. I’m going to attempt to get a few of them down on digital paper before they get too buried in email and other mental garbage. Prior to the conference starting, I had some time to read Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius and it roughly corresponded with seeing another one of those useless top 100 web 2.0 apps for education lists on Twitter.1 Anyway, the point was that the Montessori classroom was structured around choice but carefully selected choice. It went on to discuss that given more choice than they’re prepared for people become overwhelmed and constantly second guess their choice after the fact. I think that happens a lot with technology options. People are presented with all their options when in many cases they just need to choose between three or four that are presented to them. We (HCPS) need to give this some thought with regard to how we structure and display our digital tool options. Clearly, having a sense of control over one’s environment is associated with better learning and performance in children. That was another quote about choice […]

Digital Content- Things to Consider

Henrico has had a long and interesting relationship with digital content. We’ve been struggling with this issue since we first went to 1:1 back in 2001. We’ve used everything from simple networked directories to full blown learning management systems (Blackboard and Angel). We’ve bought content. We’ve made content. We’ve had content submitted openly from any teacher and content only shared after careful vetting by content specialists. So we’ve tried most thing I can think of. Now the pressure is on to make a scale move to digital content and to do it well. Goals Use digital content to help define and reinforce best practice in the classroom. Digital content and digital curriculum are not the same but if you are making this kind of shift it makes sense to think hard about how to use this content to shape teaching in the classroom. Duplicating a text in PDF format won’t get at any sort of change, nor will the slightly modified “rich” online textbooks that most publishers put out. Invest Internally The current model in education is to pay outside vendors for “expertise” on a regular basis. This ends up causing a variety of problems. The most important being that our own teachers end up being “given fish” over and over again and then people are surprised to find that […]