Social Media Talk

I’ve spoken to the PTA at Tuckahoe Middle School for the last two years about social media. It’s been pretty interesting both times in that I take a closer look at things that I tend to take for granted. I think both conversations have gone pretty well. I’ll document the conversation below (mixed with a few things I did with our principals a while back) for anyone who might have to do the same. Introduction I start with a slide that mixes the pictures of as many radically different people with Twitter accounts as I can find. I get the audience to try to identify the people. The one I’m using now has the Dali Lama, Rupert Murdoch, Sarah Palin and a few others. My goal was to have a few easily identifiable people and a few that took a tiny bit more effort.1 I wanted a wide diversity in political views, ages, etc. After we’ve ID’d the people, I ask “What do these people have in common?”2 I mention that you’ve probably heard references to Twitter after shows like Good Morning America, etc. Hopefully this gets people into the mindset that Twitter (and social media in general) is becoming more broadly adopted and is being used by mainstream media. My next move is to argue against polarizing social media. […]


Seeking a Blessing

I’m semi-happy with how this turned out. I lost a track twice thanks to not paying attention and some help from my kids. You might think hitting save a lot is a good idea but it also wipes out your undo options. It might have been better but waiting for good enough is the reason I have several hundred draft posts on this blog. It’s all in good fun anyway. Anyway, here is mashup of Gardner Campbell’s Open Ed 2012 keynote and Tighten Up by the Black Keys. It is not necessarily representative of Gardner or the The Black Stripes but it ought to encourage you to check out both. GCRemix20122 Thanks to Grant Potter for encouraging me to do something other than nothing. @twoodwar – here’s @gardnercampbell #opened12 keynote MP3… > any chance of a remix a’la Jan’11… — Grant Potter (@grantpotter) October 22, 2012


Interview Process

We’ve been interviewing a lot lately between people being relocated with spouses, moving up in the world, staying home with children, etc. Historically, I had been frustrated with what I could glean from the traditional question/answer interview format. It turns out I can pretty much make up any kind of interview process I want now. So I did. The following is what we did on our last interview. Certainly not perfect but I think it’s on the way to getting us what we want and it’s a big improvement on what we had before. Part 1 The interview started with a 30 minute inbox activity with two tasks. Task #1: Respond to an angry email from a parent about filtering. Task #2: Prepare to present on your philosophy of education. This will be done Ignite style (20 slides, 15 seconds per slide on auto advance). Your slide images have been chosen. You can change the order but that’s it. This will be the opening activity for the interview portion. Part 2 – The Interview 5 minute Ignite presentationThe Ignite presentation is going to stay. We’ve done that in two interviews now and it seems to actually show something about how people think. (based on task #2) 10 minute role playing based on this scenario. 15 minutes with these 4 questions. […]

Brief Thoughts On Digital Content in K12

I was asked to speak about OER in K12 at the VMI STEM conference a few days ago. The speaker before me gave an accurate definition of OER and listed the normal places you’d expect – OpenCourseWare, MERLOT, Curriki etc. For what it’s worth, I listed those sites as well but when the places where I found digital content to be more interesting tended to be other places. It seems like the bridge that is far enough (but not too far) in K12 may be something that provides a central pillar of approved, vetted, standardized and permanent1 but that provides a access to fairly ephemeral, topical media elements. The image in my mind is something like the vine image below. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Randy Son Of Robert What becomes interesting is how you might do that. You could create a platform that allows those people with the time/interest in finding and sifting through things to populate content for those that don’t. It wouldn’t be hard using RSS. It seems like it’d be something like SuperPunch where someone who is passionate about a particular topic combs through different sites for things that are interesting. You could do state standard based aggregation but that’s likely to get messy and require an organization that will be onerous […]