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An Option for dealing with CORS

As we do more things with JSON, I run into CORS access issues. They can be solved in various ways but it’s often a hassle. It often irritates me as I build demos in COde After wanting a simple solution this AM, I made this tiny, insignificant PHP file that I think might be useful to others. Name this file cors.php.1 Put this file on a server. You can now append some JSON URL to that URL like so … and it returns drama-free JSON for your use and enjoyment. Assuming you have HTTPs on your server it should also deal with HTTP/HTTPS conflicts as well which is very handy at times. 1 Or name it whatever you want. I’m going using bossiness as a shortcut to clarity.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-07-21

Please Consider My Application to Give You Labor So I Can Stay Alive – McSweeney’s Internet TendencyIf you look at my résumé, I think you’ll find that I have extensive relevant experience that I could bring to the table after onboarding. In the formative years of my life, I attended primary school in exchange for not being detained per truancy laws in my home state; I then matriculated to college, where I cut my teeth going to classes in exchange for a framed sheet of cardstock that was a prerequisite for submitting this application. The Pizza Effect – Futility ClosetThe pizza example continues to “echo” between the Italian and American cultures: American tourists sought out “authentic” (non-American) pizza in Italy, and the Italians met the demand by creating brick-oven pizzerias. The Americans then carried these back to their own country. Stephen Jenkins of Humboldt State University writes, “Hence, Americans met their own reflection in the other and were delighted.” xkcd: SpreadsheetsPretty much my life . . . I thought I was being ‘blacklisted’ by university colleagues, so I demanded to see their emails | The Independent Firstly, my eminent and influential PhD supervisor had let it be widely known that they thought I was an unpleasant person, impossible to work with, fundamentally stupid, and that I definitely shouldn’t be doing […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-07-14

teenage engineering – PO-32 tonicnever before has a drum machine that sounds this good with literally endless sound capabilities been set at a price this low. meet PO-32 tonic, the new gold standard drum machine. and yes, it comes in a gold plated cardboard box. Haruspex – WikipediaIn the religion of Ancient Rome, a haruspex (plural haruspices; also called aruspex) was a person trained to practice a form of divination called haruspicy (haruspicina), the inspection of the entrails (exta—hence also extispicy (extispicium)) of sacrificed animals, especially the livers of sacrificed sheep and poultry. The reading of omens specifically from the liver is also known by the Greek term hepatoscopy (also hepatomancy). “Effectiveness of Animation in Trend Visualization,” ten years laterOur results found that animation is a paradox. It certainly wasn’t very effective for solving our tasks. Whether they had interactivity or not, users in the animation condition were less accurate than small multiples. Users took a very long time to answer questions when given an interactive animation, scrolling back and forth. When we took that control away, they’d quickly make their best guess. Despite that, interactive animation wasn’t much more accurate then non-interactive! But we also found that users really liked the animation view: Study participants described it as “fun”, “exciting”, and even “emotionally touching.” At the same time, though, […]

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Sliders as Inputs

Origin Story There once was a worksheet that was meant to be used in a face-to-face scenario. The goal was indicate where you fell on a spectrum across a number cultural orientation of measures. The challenge was to transform that into something digital that could then be part of a larger conversations. Watch the video above to get an idea of what the experience is like or this will make even less sense. The Sliders I like sliders as interface elements for things like these.1 You can see the HTML below that builds them or check out the Codepen for more CSS etc. That’s all pretty straight forward. I did have to add the input tag to the KSES allowed list to keep WordPress from stripping it out. To do that I added the following to our KSES modifier file. Getting the Values Now I needed some javascript to look at these sliders and record the values as the sliders were . . . slid in various directions. This little bit gets our values once we loop through the sliders that exist. Simple. Gravity Forms Integration I did this via Gravity Forms because it’s fast and I’m overly comfortable with it. This is where things get a bit weird. We’re using a typical Gravity Forms to post scenario. Nothing odd […]

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Filter WordPress Title but Only in Admin Area

I am playing around with unfurling1 open graph data in the WordPress TinyMCE editor. You can see what that looks like in the video above. It’s a lot like the oEmbed experience in WordPress but with the open graph information driving it. I want the data to go into the post body but I don’t want a title that links to a post because these types of posts are more about getting people out to that original content. People could still manually enter a title and that’d work but if they choose not to I thought it’d be nice if it was just removed from the equation. That’s pretty nice on the front end but on the backend you end up with a maze of posts with the title (no title). That seemed irritating so I cobbled together the following function which creates a mini excerpt from the post content but only applies the filter when you’re in the backend/dashboard. Nothing fancy but a nice little pattern that I expect I’ll use again. via GIPHY 1 I like how furl and url have similar sounds but it is a ridiculous term.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-07-07

At VidCon, Influencers, Fans, And Brands Seemed Ready To Leave YouTube BehindAt one point, the party converged around an Instagram-famous Pomeranian wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. The dog’s owner was trying to yell out the dog’s Instagram handle over the sound of guests singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” on a karaoke machine on the other side of the room. TheyDrawIt!: An Authoring Tool for Belief-Driven VisualizationThis is really solid. Need to look at the privacy stuff but an awesome thing to exist. EarthRoamer – The Global Leader in Luxury Expedition VehiclesSince 1998, EarthRoamer has been redefining luxury camping and overland travel with our solar/diesel hybrid, four-wheel drive Xpedition Vehicles (XVs). Old WeatherHelp scientists transcribe Arctic and worldwide weather observations recorded in ship’s logs since the mid-19th century. You Can Apply to Hunt Pythons With Shotguns in FloridaThere are currently 40 paid snake hunters who hunt pythons in the Everglades. Remarkably, they earn anywhere from $8.25-$15 an hour, plus an additional $50 for each python. They also get $25 for every foot of length beyond four feet, as well as a $200 bonus for each nest. This new shotgun initiative will bump the number of hunters to 120. The Navy’s USS Gabrielle Giffords and the Future of Work – The Atlantic Unbeknownst to the participants, the scoring rules changed partway […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-06-30

Kafka’s Joke Book – McSweeney’s Internet TendencyWhy is a raven like a writing desk?” “I don’t know,” Gregor told the faceless interrogator for the fiftieth time. “We can’t help you if you won’t work with us. Perhaps another day in the machine will convince you to cooperate.” Create Written Notes From YouTube Videos Instantly With this Chrome ExtensionUnlike a transcription app that would just transcribe the whole thing for you, Gnotes has you identify what parts of the video are important to you and then it creates notes specifically for that portion. For instance, maybe you watch a 15-minute video on how to do something, but you really just need information from the last few minutes written down. –starts to get at the idea of new patterns that take into account (and advantage of) how digital tools interact Add Query String Parameters to YouTube oEmbeds in WP – Brett HoffmanNice thing and nice pattern to think about.


YouTube Full Screen – Javascript & CSS

I’m sticking this js/css combo in a number of the WordPress themes we’re building. It’s two pieces, a javascript piece that finds the YouTube videos and wraps them in a div and a CSS Piece that makes the videos full size for the enclosing div. It stops overflows from getting ugly and expands small embeds (via oembed or embed code). I think it’s handy and I keep having to go to codepen to find it. So now it’s here. See the Pen full size youtube/vimeo by Tom (@twwoodward) on CodePen.