Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-09-20

Unexpected Learnings From Coding Artwork Every Day For Five Years — Smashing MagazineIn projects like this, the art you create doesn’t have to be written from scratch every time. Iteration is the key to creation. In the first year the daily exploration was wide-ranging. In the mornings I would think about what I could make that day, sometimes reminiscing, reflecting on previous sketches. Other sources of inspiration would be things that would appear to me that day, which surprisingly often would be unrelated to code and art. Within this scope I was able to find the areas I was keen to explore further. FOSSEE Animations | HomeIt’d be interesting to plot a progression of content from traditional through explorable and to see what patterns might exist for when to use which level of sophistication. Blacklight – The MarkupWho is peeking over your shoulder while you work, watch videos, learn, explore, and shop on the internet? Enter the address of any website, and Blacklight will scan it and reveal the specific user-tracking technologies on the site—and who’s getting your data. You may be surprised at what you learn. PoseNet – Camera Feed Demo

Crazy looking code that's generated when trying to download the h5p file.

H5P Plugin in WordPress Giving You Crazy Code on Download Attempt?

We ran into this yesterday and it led to all kinds of other nonsense that wasn’t the issue. What was happening was that when you tried to Reuse>Download an existing H5P file it wouldn’t download it but would print the nonsense that is in the image above. We ended up going down all kinds of rabbit holes because we were also having an issue with permission and updating H5P libraries. Those issues weren’t related at all but did eat up some serious time. Those things tend to snowball and I end up adding a wheeluser in WHM so I can SSH into a sub-install and mess with folder/file permissions via terminal.1 Anyway, what interests me in some ways is that I finally gave up and posted for help on Twitter at 8:07 this morning. I hate to ask people for help if I haven’t worked pretty hard at solving something. Early in the hope game but I'm thinking it's a mime type issue. Not sure why it appeared suddenly though. — Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) September 22, 2020 By 9:00AM my brain finally kicked loose where I’d seen that weird code-like stuff before . . . expletive-string2 mime types. A bit of Stackoverflow later and I was able to add the following to the .htaccess file and fix the issue by […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-09-13

Out of the Block: OpenStreetMap – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org OER Examples – OER Activity Sourcebook Embed Interactive Jupyter Notebooks in Static Websites for Free | Ezequiel Leonardo Castaño Personal WebsiteAfter a lot of research on the internet, I found no practical tutorial explaining how to embed Jupyter Notebooks in Static Websites using only free technologies. I found a way to do it using Github Gists, MyBinder and NBInteract along with IPython Widgets and I want to share it so no one has to reinvent the wheel. Newspaper Navigator Search ResultsHistoric newspaper search of images using AI La photographie sous-marine et les progrès de la photographie / par Louis Boutan,… | GallicaIf I ever have an office again this picture will be in it.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-09-06

Sasha Perigo on Twitter: “Today in our apocalyptic hell world: my roommate’s employer mailed her a solar panel and a personal generator to make sure she could keep working if she experiences one of the rolling blackouts.” / Twitter Corals | 3D Digitization In the future, everyone is going to be a software engineer, but only a few will learn how to code. — QuartzA new industry is emerging (pdf) to serve the Morts of the world by designing and selling what are called no-code or low-code platforms. Companies like Caspio, QuickBase, Appian, and Mendix are creating visual interfaces that enable people to essentially snap together blocks of software, and bypass the actual lines of code underlying those blocks (skilled developers can also dive into the code). With basic training, a non-technical employee can rapidly assemble software tools that solve business problems ranging from simple database queries to applications lashing together multiple legacy enterprise applications. — Yahoo pipes was so ahead of its time.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-08-30

Online Learning Student Experience is the New Climbing Wall –This work is going to require new levels of collegiality and shared imagination. It will also require enormous attention to detail. When serendipity works in residential education, one reason it does so is because the student is physically surrounded by people who can help. Students are less likely to fall through the cracks when their dorm mate or classmate or advisor or professor or random student on the quad can show them how to leap over a particular crack. Online, the opposite is often true. Randomness is an enemy more often than a friend because the cues for where to go and what to do have to be consciously created, as must be the environment that encourages the formation of social support networks. VidReader – The very first smart reader for videos.We use smart technologies (NLP + AI) to create well-formatted interactive transcripts for your videos. Now you can read, search, share, and locate a sentence within any videos in seconds. Get started with a YouTube link below! The True Colors of America’s Political Spectrum Are Gray and Green – The New York TimesLike some stuff we might do with colorthief.js and screen captures of various websites h/t Jeff Amazon Drivers Are Hanging Smartphones in Trees to Get More Work – […]