Horizontally Combine Many CSV Sheets in Google Sheets

An odd request came in from a faculty member the other day. As part of their research they had 60 or so CSVs that they wanted combined horizontally. I have many ways to do it vertically but this was a new one. Each file was around 350KB so they weren’t huge and 60 isn’t a ton but it’d be a hassle to do by hand and ripe for accidents. I Googled a bit. Saw some stuff using PHP and array_merge, saw some people using Pandas in Python.1 I talked to Jeff and he mentioned uploading them to MySQL and then doing a join off the common ids. All good and reasonable paths but they just didn’t seem like things I wanted to do. I then saw that Amit2 had a script for importing CSVs into Google Sheets. His import wasn’t meant to do quite what we were doing but it gave me enough momentum to create the script below. The first function3, just loops through all the files in a folder you indicate through the folder ID. It calls the second function which imports the CSVs. The key was changing the first line to the second. It takes a bit to run. The first time it got through maybe 45 sheets before Google got upset about how many cells I’d […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-10-18

Niche Sports Are No Longer an Ivy League Admissions Plan – The Atlanticn May, Brown announced the permanent elimination of fencing and squash. In July, the Ivy League conference officially canceled fall sports and warned that the spring season could be next. In a press release, Harvard said its department of athletics, a sprawling fiefdom that includes 42 varsity sports, would temporarily pivot to “wellness programming.” Soon after, Stanford dropped 11 varsity programs, including fencing, squash, and men’s crew, citing factors such as gender equity, potential savings, and fan interest. Verification Handbook: homepage


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-10-11

Designing A Home Video Studio For Online Synchronous TeachingI ended up replying to a FB thing on this paper with this . . . The paper ends up being kind of interesting compared to the clickbait article which mainly irritated me. “I have heard my colleagues say our competition is Netflix, TikTok, YouTube, and similar platforms. I disagree. Our competition is our own teaching, reimagined in a world of TED Talks and high-quality talking head productions (like Frontline, 60 Minutes, etc.). ” I agree educators aren’t competing with pure entertainment options (there are some larger questions about the creation of educational games etc. but that’s major complexity). Comparing educator-created content to various types of educational media makes sense to me but the difference in this case is audience and intent. If it’s synchronous the differentiator is really how well you take advantage of live interaction options with students. In either case the difference is how you customize things based on the fact that you know your students and what they need. You aren’t blindly creating for everyone or for an abstract demographic compilation (Southern Females from 18-25) but for individuals that you can interact with and know things about. He says some other things that I wonder about. “When we design online asynchronous courses for MITx, our major goals are […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-10-04

Uroplatus phantasticus – WikipediaUroplatus phantasticus, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko Medical Bill ArtFrom the good people at MSCHF Blockchain, the amazing solution for almost nothing – The CorrespondentHis first job was to explain what blockchain is. When I asked him, he said it is “a kind of system that can’t be stopped”, that it’s “actually a force of nature”, or rather, “a decentralised consensus algorithm”. OK, it’s hard to explain, he conceded eventually. “I said to Zuidhorn: ‘I’ll just build you an app, then you’ll understand’.” EXCLUSIVE: Video shows private firefighters being detained for setting possibly illegal backfires in Napa Valley – ABC7 San Francisco Exclusive video from the ABC7 I-Team shows private firefighters detained by CHP and CAL Fire, now under investigation for possibly setting illegal backfires. –now apply to privatizing the service of your choice Grave cameras offer virus-weary grievers virtual burial visitsThese cemetery cameras aren’t intended for security — they offer the virus-weary living the ability to have “on-demand virtual burial visits” with the departed.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-09-27

The People Have Questions About Voting, Democracy, Laws, Treason, and Civil War. Stand By – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency What do you mean? Haven’t you seen the tweets? There have been some very stern tweets. City Generator by ProbableTrainNice little tool for creating fake maps.