Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-06-06

The Tyranny Of Time – NOEMAAround the world, people were angry about time. Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens on Twitter: “https://t.co/tYGr9IyjkS” / TwitterSo very nice. Surveillance city: NYPD can use more than 15,000 cameras to track people using facial recognition in Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn | Amnesty International The Scrappy-Doo Wikipedia mysteryThe Wikipedia entry for fictional Great Dane puppy Scrappy-Doo is 25,623 words long. With six sections, 15 subsections, and 19 sub-subsections, the page has a greater wordcount than Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, is double the length of the average undergrad dissertation, and is nearly 2,000 words longer than the Wikipedia entry for the entire history of Poland. I first discovered this at Halloween. The Online Photographer: The Future of Information in Two ImagesBut, until then, we will be in a new sort of digital Dark Age in which shared information tends to be at risk rather than tending to be stable and persistent. Adventures in Contacting the Russian FSB – Krebs on Security“Think well before contacting the FSB for any questions or dealing with them, and if you nevertheless decide to do this, it is better to use a virtual machine,” Horohorin wrote. “And a spacesuit. And, preferably, while in another country.”


Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-05-30

Robin Wigglesworth on Twitter: “IF:(elasticwaistsales>zippersales) THEN:[buygrowthstocks] IF:(zippersales>elasticwaistsales) THEN:[buyvaluestocks]” / Twitter LSU on Twitter: “@lizzie_theriott We are so sorry about the error at graduation. We had issues with the closed captioning software. We have taken down the live stream links and are correcting the names now. We will post the corrected videos ASAP to https:Going the AI route on captioning . . . 10 Guidelines for DataViz Accessibility – Highcharts Bitcoin-Mining Power Plant Stirs Up Controversy | Tom’s HardwareThe conflict revolves around a power plant on New York’s Seneca Lake called Greenidge. The company’s website says the plant was opened in 1937, shuttered in 2009, and purchased by new owners in 2014. Those owners started mining Bitcoin in  the facility in 2019. New York Focus reported that Greenidge plans “to quadruple the power used to process Bitcoin transactions by late next year” as the cryptocurrency’s value soars. Environmentalists fear those plans would lead to dangerously high CO2 emissions. Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture for $18,000 – NeatoramaAnd now for the NFT . . . Sascha (???) Pallenberg on Twitter: “And this is why you don’t do public beta tests! Tesla Model 3 display – showing constant traffic lights whilst going 130km/h on the highway! via https://t.co/MXhddRfjgM https://t.co/rAAYPuY9TP” / Twitter MegaBlock | Nuke tweets in one clickDon’t like a bad tweet? Block the […]