Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-03-20

How to Decide What to Work On – Scott H Young But both halves of the problem interact. We often fail to stick to our plans because we’re not confident in our chosen path. And we fail to find paths forward because we don’t try enough things to find our footing. Decision and action are always combined. The challenge is taking the next step. Announcing Techdirt’s March Madness: Get Your Bracket For The Most Misunderstood Legal Concept | Techdirt A few notes on how this initial bracket came together. Back in 2020 when I suggested this idea (jokingly, I swear), people sent in lots and lots of suggestions. Initially it was just supposed to be misunderstood laws, but that was too limiting to get to a 64-entry bracket (or at least an interesting one), so I expanded it to legal concepts. That does mean that there are some overlapping concepts (e.g. “free speech” and “1st Amendment”), but I don’t much care. We’ll see how it goes. Data Viz Project | Collection of data visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type. h/t Downes Nice Kicks on Twitter: “This #AirMaxDay installation in Japan is so dope! ? @nikejapan https://t.co/NNRcphyOAl” / Twitter Think about how this might work in 2d on the web like we did with the 3d gifs back […]

A screenshot of Chrome with the developer tools open and the Elements tab selected. A search for .jam-frame-active is shown with the contextual menu showing to allowing copying of the element.

Get your Jamboard text

We’re doing some strategic planning in Google’s Jamboard. I find it good for the live/interactive aspects of the conversation but when I was looking back over it, it was hard for me to read and organize in my head. I decided I wanted the text from the various sticky notes in a spreadsheet so that I could think about them in different ways. Jamboard doesn’t seem to have any way to interact with it via Google Script or the normal routes I’d pursue. Let’s also pretend that I noticed the “export as PDF” option earlier and rejected it because it was image based. What am I looking for? First, I opened the Developer Tools manually (right click won’t work in these javascript appy things). I looked around a bit in the soup that is the HTML for the page. Eventually I saw the ‘jam-postit-element’ class was associated with the things I wanted. I also saw that the active board would be in the div with ‘jam-frame-active’. Quick and easy Because I’m just doing a quick thing, I don’t really have to make a robust magical unicorn. I just need the simplest path to my destination. Grab the data I navigate to the board I want. I used the developer tools to search for .jam-frame-active and I right click and copy […]



This post is supporting a bunch of tweets going out for pressedconf22 on March 24. Why? The basic idea is that WordPress is good for taking care of the mechanics of writing on the Internet. It deals with users, logins, uploading media, writing to the database, etc. On the other hand, WordPress themes can feel really big and confusing depending on what you’re trying to do and your experience. WordPress’s REST API is one path to a fairly simple, javascript-first method for interacting with the data in your site. It’s also great if you want to avoid PHP.1 You might see sites like this described as headless WordPress.2 Maybe you just want to make a headless site because the name sounds cool. Why not? Have some fun with your life.3 Please keep in mind, people could angrily argue for hours about any of these points and I’d just shrug. These aren’t eternal truths or things I’d go to war for. I’m just describing how I think about it and that thinking could very well change as time passes, technology shifts, or I learn more. Examples I’ll give a quick overview of some projects using the WordPress API below and then explain technically how they work better as we introduce some of the concepts involved in working with the API. It […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-03-13

How to use undocumented web APIs IBM’s $300 Open Source Lego Microscope WP REST API vs admin-ajax.php vs Must-Use Plugin: Handling AJAX Requests in WordPress Markup from hell – HTMHell To Hell with bad CSS! | CSS Hell Who is the Theranos of Education? | EdSurge News “And what did Ventilla learn as he stepped aside as leader. Here is the lesson he learned after six years running AltSchool: ‘People often ask what I wish I’d known before starting AltSchool and I say: However difficult you think working in education is…multiply that by 10. Life at a startup is hard, but education is exponentially harder.’ No kidding.”


Panopto API meets WordPress

Imagine you have some longer training videos but it’d be useful to provide discrete chunks. You might also want to provide some additional contextual information for particular video portions. Well, we wanted to be able to do that.1 This example uses the Panopto embed API and the Advanced Custom Fields repeater field to make this possible. It’s kind of fun and would be relatively easy to expand to take videos from other video hosts that have APIs (like YouTube). You can play with the example here or just watch the video below. Patterns that I like Data Attributes I like to use data attributes in scenarios like this where I have some pretty simple variables that I’ll get via PHP but will be using in javascript. My navigation buttons are a good example of this. They end up looking like this on the HTML side. The javascript can use those data attributes (jump, end, row) in ways that feel straight forward to me. The example below is a simplified version that shows how I’d get the start time2 URL Parameters Getting and setting data in the URL is often really useful. I do it with both javascript and PHP. In this case, we’ll look at javascript versions. I use the getting option described in this article and show below. With […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-03-06

GradGuard | College Life Protected Hope for the Future And like Cassandra, it’s exhausting to keep repeating “don’t do it,” and to have folks go right on ahead and do it anyway. I’ve been writing about ed-tech for over a decade now, cautioning people about the repercussions of handing over data, infrastructure, ideology, investment to Silicon Valley types. And for what?


Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-02-27

93 Beautiful CSS box-shadow examples – CSS Scan Karl T. Muth ???? on Twitter: “@Noahpinion Bit of a tire expert here. Those aren’t Soviet-era heavy truck radials. Chinese military tires, and I believe specifically the Yellow Sea YS20. This is a tire I first encountered in Somalia and Sudan; i Sudden Shutdown of QWriting Platform Leaves Faculty Scrambling to Regain Decades-Worth of Information – The Knight News Some say that this shutdown was expected. In the past few months IT has been swamped with service requests due to their limited staffing. Many IT staff left during the pandemic because technicians were in very high demand. This, combined with austerity cuts and the underfunding of CUNY, may have made the shutdown inevitable. Kevin L. Ferguson, Chair of the Academic Senate and Associate Professor in the English Department, comments: “It seems like exactly the kind of bad choice austerity generates: short-sighted, unconsidered, and without consultation with faculty.” h/t Jon Becker Whitney Merrill on Twitter: “Using tiktok to teach folks how to drive abandoned Russian tanks: https://t.co/2QjaINi5jf” / Twitter CSS Can Influence Screenreaders found this after wondering about the effect of text-transform: uppercase on screenreaders