Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-07-17

Secret Service provided a single text exchange to IG after request for many records – CNNPolitics The agency explained that it was up to employees to conduct the necessary preservation of records from their phones. The letter said the service did provide personnel a “step-by-step” guide to preserve mobile phone content, including text messages, prior to the phone migration that began January 27. It went on to explain that “all Secret Service employees are responsible for appropriately preserving government records that may be created via text messaging.” The Secret Service wrote in the letter that it was still working to determine if any relevant information was lost in the phone migration but said it was “currently unaware of text messages issued by Secret Service employees” that were requested by the inspector general “that were not retained.” –I imagine the same standard applies to educational records My WordPress Comments Wishlist | CSS-Tricks – CSS-Tricks Found via my search for some better CSS options for nested wp comments. SVG Generators — Smashing Magazine a lot of options


Gravity Forms to Events Calendar Pro (no approval needed)

A request a ways back to see Gravity Forms to Events Calendar Pro had a problem that I wasn’t aware of. It required being approved or updated to make it live. I didn’t realize that because we wanted to approve all the events before they went live. Here is another version that’s a bit more hassle but does not require any further action. This one is focused on a form with the ID of 3.


Inexact Copies

Back in April I posted about trying to deal with a really specific problem. The authors wanted to be able to include page content in other page progressions but only wanted to edit the content in one place AND they wanted little pieces of it to be different. Back then, I did some odd stuff to try to make that happen. It seemed like it was going to work but more complexity reared its head recently so I took another pass at it. This time, I am removing the navigation entirely from the post. No navigation buttons will exist internally. That lets us reference the main content from the original post like we were doing originally. But instead of having to use fairly fragile javascript to scrape the sidebar and replace the internal navigation buttons we have a set of ACF fields where bottom navigation buttons are controlled manually per page and outside the content. I think this ends up being a victory on multiple fronts. It makes it easier to make buttons. The navigation is consistent visually and prevents complication creep. This may happen with other groups but I often find educators just want to keep adding navigation/directions etc. to the website. What if people get lost? What if they don’t know what to do? What if they are […]


Ed Tech Boxes

Know the surest way to make people dislike you? Do a close-reading of something they wrote without being asked. Then exaggerate their statement a bit so you can make a point you wanted to make. I’m going to do that with Martin’s quote below and then Jim’s blog post title. But maybe admitting all that up front lessens the irritation. … I think those of us who’ve been around shouldn’t bemoan the state of current ed tech too much, when these people are shaping it to their own ends. I have no evidence for this, but my experience suggests a lot of new ed tech people are driven by values, such as social justice, rather than an interest in the tech itself. Martin’s statement above has stuck with me. I think because it feels like the “it’s not about the technology” statement that I’ve heard so many times over the years. It is about the technology. It just isn’t all about the technology. You see this pattern with lots of technologies. It’s not about the camera/lens. Sure. Having a really nice camera won’t get you great shots . . . but having certain lenses/cameras will make things possible that are simply not possible without the right technology. When I first took photographs as a teenager (1990s) I wanted a shallow […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-07-10

Main Page | Omnipedia We are Joannes Truyens and Matei Stanca of Playthroughline, and together with an amazing team of contributors and a generous community of players, we made a game called Neurocracy. Ever wanted to explore the Wikipedia of the year 2049 and solve a murder across ten episodes? Neurocracy invites you to do that highly specific thing by diving into the Omnipedia rabbit hole: Webb Compare compare Hubble vs Webb images . . . pretty amazing Hack The Box: Hacking Training For The Best | Individuals & Companies TryHackMe | Cyber Defense Training The Cuckoo’s Egg Decompiled Course | Chris Sanders Monitoring tiny web services Need to think this through for more of our sites . . . maybe WP plugin that does a better job alerting on downtime. Would have been really nice for rampages. A Guide to Basic WordPress Debugging With Local Some of the stuff I do with local dev in WP written up nicely. TiddlyMap.org | Wiki-Based Concept-Mapping Software h/t reclaim hosting community chat The Fallout Continues: U.S. News Pulls Columbia University From Its 2022 Rankings As questions continue to remain unanswered about the accuracy of data that Columbia University submitted to U.S. News & World Report for the 2022 edition of its Best Colleges rankings (first published September 2021), U.S. News reported today […]


Finding a Lost Site in a Massive Multisite

In WordPress Multisite there are some scenarios where a site with a custom domain can get lost. There is the central place in network admin where you can assign custom domains but you can also do it at the site level. If it’s done at the site level, it’s possible for that site to become lost. You just can’t find it in the network admin for some reason. Maybe the search just sucks. Maybe something else weird happened but the site just wasn’t coming up. The easiest way I had to deal with this was to add the site ID to our custom JSON endpoint data. This technique is a really handy way to add the information you need to the endpoint. Some day, I’ll build a nice dashboard based on this for multisite. Now I can always easily find the ID of the site (and the other useful information) on any site. With the site ID, I can just go there directly through a URL like https://mainsiteurl.com/wp-admin/network/site-info.php?id=11803


Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-07-03

The 85% Rule for Learning – Scott H Young The research also suggests that the optimal success rate for fostering student achievement appears to be about 85 percent. A success rate of 85 percent shows that students are learning the material, and it also shows that the students are challenged. Richmond police ordered to retract 2020 tweet about teargassing demonstrators at Confederate statue | WRIC ABC 8News A lawsuit settlement between demonstrators and the city stipulated that the department must publicly acknowledge the tweet as false, according to the law firm that filed the federal suit.


Photography #177

It’s been a long time. Piping plovers are endangered but we saw a good number. They are pretty awesome. “Intruders near a Piping Plover nest are chased and may be pecked or bitten. In Manitoba, one Killdeer was observed entering a Piping Plover territory where it was bitten so hard on the leg that it limped for the rest of the summer.”


Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-06-26

Daring Fireball: Trump Lawyer John Eastman Probably Wishes He Knew How to Hard-Lock His iPhone That this story broke the same day I published a piece explaining how to hard-lock an iPhone to disable Face ID and Touch ID authentication until the device passcode has been entered, is rather amazing. I was inspired to post that yesterday in light of privacy concerns stemming from the Supreme Court’s repeal of abortion rights in America, but the situation I described?—?that law enforcement can force you to use your fingerprints or face to unlock a device, but cannot force you to reveal your passcode?—?is perfectly exemplified by the warrant against Eastman. How I put my whole life into a single database · Felix Krause Pretty wild on a couple of levels. SVG Image Mask like what I was doing with the pask lab hexagons and the superfriends wonder twins generator SVG Turbulence Filter Test nice option for organic feel – would have to think through accessibility if it held text Learn PWA This course covers the fundamentals of Progressive Web App development into easy-to-understand pieces. Over the following modules, you’ll learn what a Progressive Web App is, how to create one or upgrade your existing web content, and how to add all the pieces for an offline, installable app. Use the menu pane […]


Download Panopto Playlist Videos Bookmarklet

I always thought bookmarklets were cool. I still think they are cool. I like the idea of little tiny tools that live in a place reserved for something else entirely. Alan has 89 posts mentioning bookmarklets. That’s also a clue that they’re interesting. What drove this was that Panopto removing the RSS feed option in their newest version. Our people used it as part of a bulk download process to get the videos out for captioning or something like that. I don’t really know the details but it is apparently a hassle to get the videos one by one. I looked around a bit at the Panopto API but I always get annoyed by having to deal with oauth if the information is public. I’ll probably go back to this later as the bookmarklet is more than bit awkward to explain. This does rely on you being logged in and the videos being set to allow downloads. The pattern here is that there is a table with a particular class (session-list). Each row of that table (that we want) has a data attribute containing the session ID of the video. That session ID can be added to a URL pattern to get the download. And the little window.open function opens the download URL. To make it work as a bookmarklet […]