Thanks to the good folks at MIT, teachers now have a new way to create interactive data driven web sites.  The short movie above will demonstrate the power of the Exhibit project.
This site is designed to help get teachers who are familiar with simple html editing up and running with their own Exhibit site quickly and easily.   You’ll be happiest if you just go in order up until the ‘Customizing’ page.  From there on navigation should be based on your interests in changing the site from this basic layout.
Before starting this process you’ll need to do two simple things.
  1. Get a Google Account - simple and free - click here to do it now!
  3. Get a Google Maps API Key - simple and free (copy this some where easy to find, I’d suggest Stickies on your computer) - Keep in mind you’ll need to register your as the URL you’re registering*. - Click here to do it now!
What’s so special?
* I’ll be writing this in a way tailored for HCPS teachers but any web hosting service should be able to support what we’ll be doing.  The key here is to include the full URL path to the folder where you’ll be installing Exhibit.  If you are leaving the files in the Exhibit folder then /exhibit will be the last part of the URL you submit to Google to get your API key.
Exhibit courtesy of MIT           -               Tutorial by Tom Woodward                 -                   CC License