Swivel- YouTube for Data (well as close as data’s likely to get anyway)

This is a perfect tool for teachers. Upload your own data sets and correlate away. You can now analyze your data and the data uploaded by other site members (currently all data is public). Once you’ve got things set up, Swivel then creates the html to allow you to easily embed different flavors of the […]

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Using Bollywood Clips to Illustrate Conflict

I used BombayTV last year to get students to illustrate the major and minor conflicts in Richard III. It could be applied to any story you are working with–whether literature or history. Actually, I imagine you could use this for math and science with a little creativity. The student’s loved it. […]

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MobZombies (I swear it’s educational)

MobZombies The twist is that a player’s physical position controls the position of their zombie-world avatar, forcing the player to actually move around the real world to succeed in the game.The virtual zombie-world is a simple environment — the game’s complexity comes from players having to negotiate real-world objects in order to avoid the zombies […]

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Behavior Modificaton Plan (with style!)

Looking for a way to refocus your students without having to stop class to speak to them? Want to maintain your street cred as a hip “techno teacher”? Well, check out the Warning Label Generator. You choose the label style, icon, and message, and the generator spits out a jpg. Save it, copy it, laminate […]

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“Hop the Pond” for a great illustration

I happened upon this BBC site while tutoring a student last year, and I used it this year in my classes with great success. It’s an interactive activity that shows the student how adjectives and adverbs beef up a simple sentence and change the image the sentence places in our heads. My students loved it, […]

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Community Script-Writing

The Jet Set Show recently posted a project entitled “Brandon’s Pitch”. Brandon has developed a basic set of characters and some conflicts between them, and he would like the general public to suggest possible story lines. He will take the suggestions into consideration when writing the script. This might be interesting to follow as well […]

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