Possible Fun Writing Prompts

Wikipedia’s “speedy deleted” article titles might make a fun, no hassle writing prompt reservoir. I’m not exactly sure how Defective Yeti got these but I’m sure some of you wikipedia experts could tell me (and then I’ll update the post and feel less inadequate).

Some are, of course, not school safe but you could just list the titles somewhere and ask the student to write the wikipedia style article that should go with the title. You’d be mixing in writing style, voice and likely a large dose of creativity. It’d be fun to compile them over the year for a fake wikipedia site for your class (bonus points for doing it on a real media wiki installation).

Here’s a sample of a few I thought would be good-

  • Polydimensional industrial bio-cosmic psychology of microscopic bacterium
  • Temple of the Jedi Order (Real)
  • Goatsurfing
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Cheesemonger
  • Ape jazz

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