SUPER ZOOM in Google Earth

I’m trying to go to sleep but I keep finding cool stuff- oh well- I’ll take interesting information over sleep any day.

close up of guy near a well

There are secret super zoom areas in Google Earth- good enough to make out faces. Check out this article for the details on how to do it and make sure you wear a disguise while outside so our new Google Overlords don’t get you in the system :).

No real direct educational link right now based on the randomness of the images but it sure shows you what the future is likely to bring (and if that aint educational. . . I don’t know what is).

Link via- The Raw Feed

2 thoughts on “SUPER ZOOM in Google Earth

  1. On your website can u put like a zoom in butin so WE can zoom in beause what if we when to zoom in, and look at our house?????please because it is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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