Weekly Web Harvest for 2024-06-23

  • Pivoting From React to Native DOM APIs: A Real World Example – The New Stack
    “We were completely surprised by the speed gain,” Moulis said. “Our application engine is designed to produce complex ERP-type applications, which involve heavy data consumption to present in real-time. On a page we consider complex, with over 800 DOM elements, some of which use different subscription systems via our event system at initialization to update when necessary, the overall load time dropped from 4-5 seconds to 400ms.”

  • CSS-only Widgets Are Inaccessible — Adrian Roselli
    Some nice accessibility examples
  • Fast Crimes at Lambda School
    When VCs looked at Lambda School, they saw a company with the potential to decimate Computer Science degrees the same way Uber destroyed taxi medallions.

    At the same time, Income Share Agreements had a huge red flag in the form of decades of failed experiments. Milton Friedman proposed ISAs as far back as 1955, and many schools experimented with them over the years, from Yale in the 1970s to Purdue in 2016, shortly before Lambda School. Every school that tried them abandoned them, for reasons we’ll learn in a bit.

    Another red flag should have been the team. Austen cofounded the company alongside Ben Nelson and Caleb Hicks, two unremarkable former bootcamp instructors barely worth mentioning. Austen was the star of the show, but what did he bring to the table?

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