Google Folder to Google Doc Script- The Video

Because I really thought the script to take Google Folder contents and automatically generate a document with headings that match the folder names and automatically linked source documents1 was far cooler than anyone realized . . . I decided to make a poor quality video chastising you and proving the interestingness beyond doubt. Keep in mind that this could be customized to do far more interesting things depending on desired outcome and how you wanted to manage stuff. This is one of those places where I think the technology really has a chance to do something useful. No one wants to spend hours updating a CV/resume every year or two. Instead you could spend minutes spaced out and get all the grunt work down automatically. Google Docs also gives the option to publish the results to the web or download it as Word or PDF. The document and files can be as open or closed as you want. 1 It certainly rolls of the tongue . . .

Google Script CV Workflow POC

flickr photo shared by The National Archives UK with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons) Suppose you wanted to automate a chunk of your CV creation. Suppose they’d let you do it digitally via Google Docs (if not aspects of this could still work but it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting) and that you’d like to link to the “proof” files. I am further supposing that you might be willing to think about doing this slightly differently. Usually people build the CV/tenure document and then go back and find/link to their evidence. The path I’m suggesting would allow you to gather the evidence as you came across it and then build the index to it automatically. You’ll still want to construct the overarching narrative but this takes the grunt work of listing/linking and puts it on the computer where it belongs.1 This is the proof of concept scenario. You could make it much better depending on your needs/wants but this ought to get you started with how it could work. This script does create a spreadsheet of all your content with a variety of useful links and creates a Google document with all the files as ordered list items under their respective folder headings.2 Given one folder called CV POC . . . in that folder are your three folders of […]