Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-12-19

Ethereum Emissions This analysis of the energy and emissions of the Ethereum network relies on current and historical data, including: hashrate, hardware overhead and typical worker configurations, datacenter overhead, grid loss, hashing efficiencies, power supply efficiencies, mining hardware mix, worker locations and pool distributions, and international emissions factors. It does not factor in the price of Ethereum or the price of electricity, so it may be underestimating the energy usage when the price is rising. CSS-only Slide Deck


Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-12-12

Historic Tale Construction Kit – Bayeux from this twitter post https://twitter.com/profannieoakley/status/1357768408671027202 humanmade/publication-checklist: Run checks and enforce conditions before posts are published. Built and designed for the WordPress block editor. Run checks and enforce conditions before posts are published. Built and designed for the WordPress block editor. A bit about PURLs I guess PURL is the original URL shortener. But it was created not to abbreviate otherwise long and otherwise cumbersome URLs, but to make them more resilient and persistent over time. You could put a PURL into a catalog record and if the URL it pointed to needed to change you changed the redirect on the PURL server, and all the places that pointed to the PURL didn’t need to change. It was a beautifully simple idea, and has influenced other approaches like DOI and Handle. But this simplicity depends on a commitment to keeping the PURL up to date, because: … every PID is a service commitment involving at least some sweat equity. (Kunze, 2018) PURLs are only as good as the maintenance work that has gone into updating the underlying URLs when they inevitably change. And in the lucky cases where the underlying URL haven’t changed, all the work that has gone into managing the infrastructure behind that URL namespace in order for that URL to stay the […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-12-05

Remove Custom Taxonomy Metabox from Custom Post Type Screen – WordPress Development Stack Exchange register_taxonomy( ‘your_custom_taxonomy’, array( ‘your_custom_post_type’ ), $args ); $args = array( ‘show_ui’ => true, ‘show_in_quick_edit’ => false, ‘meta_box_cb’ => false, ); jasonsnell/gcal-to-slack: Takes upcoming items from a Google Calendar and posts them to Slack. Might be a model for something down the line. Although seems Google Script might be easier. Eli.wtf Nice breakdown and just a generally interesting site to consider. JASP – A Fresh Way to Do Statistics YOUR CHOICE Frequentist analyses Bayesian analyses USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE Dynamic update of all results Spreadsheet layout and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface Progressive disclosure for increased understanding Annotated output for communicating your results DEVELOPED FOR PUBLISHING ANALYSES Integrated with The Open Science Framework (OSF) Support for APA format (copy graphs and tables directly into Word) Ambivalence, part 2: On the uneasy relationship between digital art and the environment – We Make Money Not Art In 2015, during the COP21, Olga Kisseleva installed a gigantic QR code made of wood on the Banks of the river Seine in Paris. When passersby opened the QR code with their phone and started moving around, an Augmented Reality tool superimposed data about climate change and the environment onto the panoramic view of Paris. The project integrated the impacts of climate perturbations directly into the […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-11-28

Tom Woodward on Twitter: “@NOAADigCoast I was hoping you could tell me who developed the https://t.co/dreFyO5dC6 site. It’s really incredible.” / Twitter A little example of the nice side of social media with NOAA> ENOW How This All Happened · Collaborative Fund If you fell asleep in 1945 and woke up in 2018 you would not recognize the world around you. The amount of growth that took place during that period is virtually unprecedented. If you learned that there have been no nuclear attacks since 1945, you’d be shocked. If you saw the level of wealth in New York and San Francisco, you’d be shocked. If you compared it to the poverty of Detroit, you’d be shocked. If you saw the price of homes, college tuition, and health care, you’d be shocked. Our politics would blow your mind. And if you tried to think of a reasonable narrative of how it all happened, my guess is you’d be totally wrong. Because it isn’t intuitive, and it wasn’t foreseeable 73 years ago. No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees It can be a great deal for Gumroad too. Before Daniel quit his job at Amazon, he was making over $400,000 a year. We pay him $120,000 a year. Minimum Viable Work – by Stowe Boyd – work futures Minimum viable work […]