A Little Trick for Mac Folk (now PC as well!)

I download a lot of Flick CC photos* for various presentations. I’m doing a decent job citing them but I usually do that on the spot so unless I want to re-find the picture or dig out the old presentation and find the citation there I can’t easily re-use them.
*go to advanced search for CC licensed photos

Now when I download the picture from Flickr I select the photo and hit Apple+i (some people say command-i) and then put the flickr URL in the spotlight comments box. So now if I need to use the photo again, I just hit Apple-i and I’ve got the citation right there.

It’s also not a bad place to throw in a few tags. And while this is simple and I’m sure lots of people already do this it’s helped me out already.

A wise man (my dad who is a serious PC guy) writes in to tell me-

There is a PC counterpart. Right click on the file, Left click on
“Properties,” Left click on “Summary” tab.

Quick video below, if you’re a visual person. I used keycastr to add the keystrokes I used like Jim suggested in an earlier post.

In case the Teachertube embed doesn’t work click here.

4 thoughts on “A Little Trick for Mac Folk (now PC as well!)

  1. Thanks Chris. I thought it was neat but feared it was too easy despite the fact that I hadn’t ever thought of it before.

    Ben- Ask and ye shall receive! My dad is pretty good on the PC side and he takes the time to read this blog so he passed on the pc tip I posted in the updated version. It’s been way too long since I’ve been on Windows regularly. I might have to buy one just to get back in the swing of things.


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