Gravity Form of Awesome Workshop Series

June 9th (3:00 PM EDT) Round One – The basics of Gravity Forms
See examples of how Gravity Forms is used for a variety of projects; get an overview of Gravity Forms; creating a simple post.

June 16th (3:00 PM EDT) Round Two – A bit of Gravity Forms flare
Creating more sophisticated form posts including featured images (with ALT text), category drop-down, custom HTML/CSS, and working with embedded media.

June 23rd (3:00 PM EDT) Round Three – Advanced plugins in Gravity Forms
Learn how to use multiple categories, custom fields, and custom post types to create a more dynamic form.

June 30th (3:00 PM EDT) Round Four – Building the Form while Flying
Programming on Gravity Forms on the fly, highlighting useful tips for approaching the creation of complex forms. Time will also be available throughout the month for participants to share what they have built over the course of the month as well as the how and why behind these projects.