Your website is a slow, bloated, carbon-belching monstrosity

Modern websites are disgustingly large. Bloated websites are slow. Slow websites use more energy. This is bad and unnecessary. We are guilty of crimes that have harmed both the web and our planet. It’s time to seek redemption and sin no more.

I will show you how to run performance tests on a few public educational websites. We’ll look at the results. I will rant about common patterns that slow websites down. It’s not all technical stuff. Don’t worry Unsplash fans, there is plenty of blame to go around.

In an attempt to stave off crippling depression, we’ll look at some things you can do to make your website faster. We will focus on solving the source of the problem rather than just trying to hide your embarrassment with increasingly aggressive caching options. Come for the unfettered frustration. Stay for the discussion of CSS/JS, library-free development, WordPress amelioration, static publishing options, and API options.

While I can’t guarantee you a sin-free future, you’ll leave chastened and with a better idea of the problem and how you can be less of a problem.


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