First Blood Poster


This is an early iteration of a Rambo poster I’m working on. It was harder than I thought to find an iconic silhouette to represent a movie (at least a movie that I liked).

Things I like-

  • the knife- iconic enough to represent the movie (although it needs some polishing)
  • the idea of the Vietnam and American flag blending to parallel the forces in the plot
  • Rambo as blood on the tip of the knife. Where I doing this project in an English course, I could go into much more detail about how my choices reflect the movie.

Things that need work-

  • I think it’s too complex still. Rambo may need to be black and white.
  • I don’t like the font. I may write First Blood instead (also leads to a First Blood/Vampire movie mashup possibility down the road)
  • The dimensions are all wrong.

I’m putting the not quite right stuff out there so anyone who might be interested can see the process and the thoughts going on. I think that’s good. I also don’t want people worrying about only posting perfection. This course ought to be fun and should allow people to brainstorm on ways to improve product together and continuously.

3 thoughts on “First Blood Poster

  1. I would be very interested to see a version that had Sly’s eyes up zoomed in and looking like a reflection in the blade of the knife instead of the chest up full color it is now. A ‘bleeding’ font that said First Blood would definitely jazz it up some but may be more appropriate for the Vampire mash-up. The blade could also have some depth to mirror the handle’s.

    I love what you did with the handle and the overall simplicity of the poster. Well done.

  2. The American Flag knife handle makes this for me! But we all know that First Blood is all about the knife and giving oneself stitches, Rambo is all about the M60 Machine Gun, so get your films straight, boy!

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