Weekly Web Harvest for 2016-12-11

  • New MLB rookie hazing rules ban dressing as women, offensive costumes

    MLB vice president Paul Mifsud said Monday that the new rules resulted partly “in light of social media, which in our view sort of unfortunately publicized a lot of the dressing up of the players … those kind of things which in our view were insensitive and potentially offensive to a number of groups.”

    –social media is always letting people see stuff

    h/t Dan

  • How to Read Sea and Spar Between

    Sea and Spar Between is a poetry generator which defines a space of language populated by a number of stanzas comparable to the number of fish in the sea, around 225 trillion. Each stanza is indicated by two coordinates, as with latitude and longitude. They range from 0 : 0 to 14992383 : 14992383. To operate the system, you may

  • ChronodeVFD: A Cyberpunk Wristwatch | johngineer

    The ChronodeVFD is a personal project I’ve been working on for a couple of months. It’s a wristwatch built around the IVL2-7/5 VFD display tube. I originally purchased a few of these tubes to build a standard desk clock, but after playing around with them, I realized I could probably build a wristwatch too. The tube has a number of features which make it more suited than most Soviet-surplus VFDs for this purpose.

  • The NSA loved RSS in 2004

    the NSA is spreading the gospel of RSS to the NSOC Operations Support Staff.  She or he says: 

    On the Internet, data sources as varied as Dilbert, ESPN Sports news, bankrate.com mortgage news, and Microsoft security updates are all available via RSS. At last count there were over one million RSS feeds available on the web, with more being added every hour. RSS has the potential to revolutionize the way we view the web, both at home and here at work.
    It’s easy to forget how exciting everything was in 2004.