Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-09-03

  • Locus Online Perspectives » Cory Doctorow: Demon-Haunted World

    In 2015, HP pushed a fake security update to millions of Officejet owners, which showed up as a routine, ‘‘You must update your soft­ware’’ notification on their printers’ screens. Running that update installed a new, secret feature in your printer, with a long fuse. After six months’ wait, the infected printers all checked to see whether their ink cartridges had been refilled, or manufactured by third parties, and to refuse to print with any ink that HP hadn’t given its corporate blessing to.

  • CS50 Updates Course Policies, Asks Students To Go To Class | News | The Harvard Crimson

    Students are now “encouraged” to physically attend the course’s taped weekly lectures, according to the two-page document. Malan had previously tweaked the course policies in fall 2016 to make lecture attendance optional. Attendance is now also expected at every discussion section until the first mid-semester exam.

    Malan wrote Thursday that previous CS50 students had reported the online presentations lacked the energy of in-person lectures.

  • Meet Me in the Google Doc For, Uh… a Performance? | KQED Arts

    took part in a previous incarnation of the Google Doc as shared canvas. “We had no idea how it would develop,” she says. “Over three hours, the doc took on a life of its own. It grew from 1 page to 80 pages.”

    The archived version of that performance, A Work in Progress, resembles something like a Geocities site crossed with the early days of Facebook, when writing on a friend’s wall meant you could edit all previous messages left on its surface. (See it, in Google Docs, here.)

  • Song of the sausage creature

    some others hear the song of the Sausage Creature.