Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-09-24

  • BBC – Future – The deadly germ warfare island abandoned by the Soviets

    A year later, the corpses of two missing fishermen were found nearby, drifting in their boat. It’s thought that they had caught the plague. Not long afterwards, locals started landing whole nets of dead fish. No one knows why. Then in May 1988, 50,000 saiga antelope which had been grazing on a nearby steppe dropped dead – in the space of an hour.

  • BardBots — Babble Lab

    BardBots is a project in which students are introduced to key concepts in computational thinking via an unlikely combination: Shakespeare and robots.  We believe that the distance between the humanities, the arts, and computer science is not as wide as it appears.

  • Poetic Computation: Reader

    There is something poetic about code itself, the way that syntax works, the way that repetitions work, and the way that instruction becomes execution through abstraction.

    h/t Jon Becker

  • The Schank Academy: Cyber Attack Academy

    Is the Cyber Attack Academy right for you?

  • The Self Driving Car Whiz Who Fell from Grace | WIRED

    In September 2015, the multi-millionaire engineer at the heart of the patent and trade secrets lawsuit between Uber and Waymo, Google’s self-driving car company, founded a religious organization called Way of the Future. Its purpose, according to previously unreported state filings, is nothing less than to “develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence.”

  • Idle Words

    The implication is clear: home cooks are being radicalized by the site’s recommendation algorithm to abandon their corned beef in favor of shrapnel-packed homemade bombs. And more ominously, enough people must be buying these bomb parts on Amazon for the algorithm to have noticed the correlations, and begin making its dark suggestions.

  • Carbon

    pretty source code tweeted

  • How I Make Explorable Explanations

    However you choose to do it, you’ve got to make your reader / viewer / player curious – you’ve got to make them love your question.

  • Holacracy – Flattening the Organization Structure and Busting Bureaucracy