Weekly Web Harvest for 2017-12-17

  • Dynamicland

    Every scrap of paper has the capabilities of a full computer,
    while remaining a fully-functional scrap of paper.

    –this is augmented reality

  • Education Outrage: In 1995 I posted the Student’s Bill of Rights. What has changed?

    3. No student should be required to memorize anything that is likely to be will be forgotten in six months.

  • Plain Sailing – Futility Closet

    By the time they matured, in the 19th century, they were no longer necessary. Historian Fernand Braudel wrote, “Colbert had thought of everything except the steamship.”

    — wonder how much planning ends up this way

  • Complex Knitting and Critical Instructional Design: A Problem-Solving Mindset – OFFICE OF DIGITAL LEARNING

    We define critical instructional design as the intentional designing of digital learning spaces that reflect a sense of awareness, hope, and possibility; that encourage learning agency;  that allow students to own the process of their discoveries; and that likewise allow the creators of those spaces to undergo their own learning and discovery processes. As such, critical instructional design work asks for our perseverance as designers and learners, because the answers are often not at the surface but require some digging.