Weekly Web Harvest for 2018-01-14

  • Comic contracts and other ways to make the law understandable

    Considering how swamped we all are with agreements and terms, from the workplace to just downloading apps, we need to change the way the information regulating our legal relationships is presented, as well as the level of other detail it contains.

    Pointlessly complex contracts have to stop. This is why some lawyers are rethinking contract design, using mind maps, illustrations and even contracts in comic strip form, which is the focus of my research.

  • What comic comes up when you load XKCD today? : AskReddit

    the various permutations of the umwelt comic broken down

  • The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm In 2018

    I cannot tell what is parody and what is reality anymore.

  • INTE 5340 – Weekly Reflections of an Analog Woman in a Digital World: Case Study #1 – anth101.com – Anthropology for Everyone

    anth101.com models for me what a living, breathing course can look like. When I look back to when I taught Drugs and Behavior and Intro Psych, I see the classes I taught as boring and lifeless. We as a class didn’t create our own stories together, and we lost the opportunities to make connections. I really like how well-integrated all the various media for each lesson and challenge are on the website. And the more I dig into this site, the more I am personally challenged? to design my classes to have more of an open pedagogy behind them and being okay with my classes being in the “beta” stage every week.

  • What Does the Giraffe Say? Scientists Find the Answer | WIRED

    In their paper they note “exploring giraffe vocal communication turned out to be time consuming, tedious and very challenging … we strongly suggest developing an automatic system that helps analyzing great amount[sic] of acoustic data.”

  • These psychedelic stickers blow AI minds | TechCrunch

    researchers have created a wonderful attack on image recognition systems that uses specially printed stickers that are so interesting to the AI that it completely fails to see anything else.