Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-04-14

  • Marn Grook – Wikipedia
    However, to observers the game appeared to lack a team objective, having no real rules, or scoring. A winner could only be declared if one of the sides agreed that the other side had played better. Individual players who consistently exhibited outstanding skills, such as leaping high over others to catch the ball, were often praised, but proficiency in the sport gave them no tribal influence.[1]
  • Most Tech Today Would be Frivolous to Ancient Scientists
    “Technology” comes from the Greek ?????, techne, which designates art, skill, or cunning. In Greek, it can be applied to sculpture, to metallurgy, to any craft or a method or set of rules for doing anything. The Latin translation of ????? would be ars, from which we get our word art. I find it amusing that moderns tend to imagine technology and art as opposites, when in fact the root words—techne and ars—mean exactly the same thing. In terms of ??????????—technologia—it means specifically a systematic treatment of grammar. The modern sense of the word technology is not found in the ancient word. 
  • Fantasy Map Generator – bl.ocks.org
    Project goal is a procedurally generated map for my Medieval Dynasty simulator. Map should be interactive, scalable, fast and plausible. There should be enought space to place at least 500 manors within 7 regions. The imagined area is about 200.000 km2.

    h/t Alan Levine

  • jackjamieson2/yarns-microsub-server: Microsub server plugin for WordPress. In beta, so please report bugs if you use Yarns.
    Using your own WordPress site, aggregate a social timeline of your favourite sites from across the Web and then view and reply to your feeds using a Microsub client.