Types of Creative Communication: Video Messages

I’ve been on the job for about two months with the staff and have realized one thing: email is dead. I get little to no response when I send a text email to my staff, so I’ve started to play with important messages for my teachers. For instance, I needed them to complete a survey and reminded them with this Bollywood themed message from Bombay TV. It hooked half of the MIA teachers with a good laugh. The staff stopped me for days to talk about it. When I received a run of emails concerning computers were not working, I created a reminder featuring a very young Bob Dylan (previous). The emails subsided, and now many of my teachers are quick to tell me that they have restarted a couple times when their computers are acting up. They just seem to listen better when I can get it across in an entertaining way. I guess some things never change. I know your students tune out the same way we do when something is visually monotonous. We are children of an instant, entertaining culture. So, here’s a suggestion: Think of that one rule in your classroom your kids are still having trouble with the second month of school. Are they standing up to sharpen their pencil while you are leading the […]

Education and Copyright

The educational copyright site I’ve been working on with some of our media resource teachers is now pretty much done. I’m fairly satisfied with it. It addresses a lot of information pretty succinctly and no one is called a thief or a criminal. I’m proud of that. I’ve also got a powerpoint presentation that is pretty slick looking (if I do say so myself). There’s not much for text on the slides but the notes are pretty packed with information. Both the website and the presentation stick to the “what can you do?” vibe as much as possible and stress the options you have with Creative Commons and public domain works. It’ll be interesting to see if it makes any real difference. I did try to keep things humorous and all photos are Flickr based under a CC license.