Tarot Card Futures for the Surveillance Observatory

We ran a session on trying to figure out what we should do with the Surveillance Observatory site. What it is now The site is basically designed for the community to submit news, research, and personal stories. I think it’s pretty easy to do technically. I even added a bookmarklet a while back in an […]

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Anti-Racism Site Brainstorming

Anti-racist learning hub with a subtitle. This image is really mean to represent the colors and font choices for a future website.

I love the part of designing a website where you’re exploring initial ideas. You’ve got a general direction and it’s time to think through interesting things that might play into the visual design and the functional aspects of this thing that doesn’t yet exist. Somewhere around Rasmus Lerdof’s quote – “I actually hate programming, but […]

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Code as Poetry, Time as a Variable – Options in the Ether

A drawing of a small terrier dog jumping through a hoop held by a monkey.

Backstory Driving into work I was listening to NPR and they were interviewing Nikki Giovani a poet from Virginia Tech. In high school I was one of those people who really suffered reading the The Red Wheelbarrow and other non-rhyming poems. They irritated me in the same way people seem to be annoyed by White […]

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Portfolio Timeline

One of the things I ended up being dissatisfied with on my own portfolio was the timeline of my work history.1 At the time making an interactive multimedia timeline seemed like a good idea. Just the phrase “interactive multimedia timeline” sounds fancy, right? I made it using the KnightLab Timeline JS tool (which is a […]

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Portfolio // Data Visualization

This is meant to be a general survey of a fairly large swathe of concepts and examples with lots of links for additional specificity. I encourage you to follow links.1 I’ve tried to also mix it with quotes from a variety of designers.2 Those people are also worth exploring and most links will lead you […]

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Four Leaf Clovers, Question Paths, & Literal Names

Yesterday, I decided I’d look for four leaf clovers getting in and out of my car. Not hanging out searching, just opening my eyes and paying a bit more attention. Wikipedia tells me there’s one four leaf clover per 10,000 three leaf clovers. What surprises me is despite their relative rarity just how many four […]

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Two Different Time Lapse Experiments

Time Lapse Trip from Richmond VA to Tampa FL from Tom Woodward on Vimeo. This is my first attempt with the GoPro. I think it’s set to one shot every 30 seconds. You can see me fiddling with the settings a few different times if you’re masochistic enough to watch it through. The battery ran […]

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