Making a bunch of dropdowns from Google Sheets data

For some ongoing work with the AI Persona bot, I needed to create a drop down that would let you choose a country and get the cultural dimension scores. Turns out there were 120 something countries, each with six possible scores. Luckily, they were given to me in a Google Spreadsheet. Make the data In […]

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Looking at a Domain of One’s Own

Middlebury has a Domain of One’s Own initiative. We only dabbled in it a bit at VCU with one of Andrew’s web design courses. I’ve seen bits and pieces and worked with people on various aspects of this over the years but I haven’t paid attention in the same way I do when I’m actually […]

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Portfolio Timeline

One of the things I ended up being dissatisfied with on my own portfolio was the timeline of my work history.1 At the time making an interactive multimedia timeline seemed like a good idea. Just the phrase “interactive multimedia timeline” sounds fancy, right? I made it using the KnightLab Timeline JS tool (which is a […]

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Random Re-Connection via Twitter

@twoodwar is this the T Woodward I I knew in Cola, SC?!?! I'm still recovering from those suicide kicks! #greengate — auz1111 (@auz1111) April 7, 2017 That is me- back row, partially obscured (and not just by the camo). Pretty wild that John found me somehow and that we’re both involved in WordPress and […]

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A Bit More on the Personal API The tweet above and Alan’s comment on the post (below) and figured I haven’t really made a chunk of why I’m doing this clear or even what I’m doing clear. I’m probably a mix of more-middle-of-the-road and ambitious than I’ve been able to articulate so far. I declare no holy war. This is more […]

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