Gravity Forms, Open Street Map API, and Leaflet JS

I’m sketching this one out because it’s a fun mix of things. I’m going to use Gravity Forms to accept submissions, the Open Street Map API will convert the address into latitude/longitude, and then we’ll display the data on a Leaflet JS map. I could have done it all in Google but I was irritated […]

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Get your Jamboard text

A screenshot of Chrome with the developer tools open and the Elements tab selected. A search for .jam-frame-active is shown with the contextual menu showing to allowing copying of the element.

We’re doing some strategic planning in Google’s Jamboard. I find it good for the live/interactive aspects of the conversation but when I was looking back over it, it was hard for me to read and organize in my head. I decided I wanted the text from the various sticky notes in a spreadsheet so that […]

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Graph Page Transition via Illustrator

I’m working with Greg Pask to make a lab website. When I asked him for some visual inspiration he sent me two comic book covers by David Aja. That was a first! It’s driving me to do some interesting things in Illustrator for the first time. I’ve long promised myself I’d learn vector drawing but […]

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Anti-Racism Site Brainstorming

Anti-racist learning hub with a subtitle. This image is really mean to represent the colors and font choices for a future website.

I love the part of designing a website where you’re exploring initial ideas. You’ve got a general direction and it’s time to think through interesting things that might play into the visual design and the functional aspects of this thing that doesn’t yet exist. Somewhere around Rasmus Lerdof’s quote – “I actually hate programming, but […]

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FotoFika Art Baseball Cards

A screenshot of the art-based baseball cards.

Origin Story The 2020 All Stars project1 is tied to the FotoFika site supporting photography faculty teaching online due to COVID. One of the concerns that came up in discussions was that this year’s graduating class wouldn’t be getting the personal connections that normally happen during exhibitions. That led to a discussion around Mike Mandel’s […]

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Sliders as Inputs

The character Snarf from Thundercats rubbing its hands.

Origin Story There once was a worksheet that was meant to be used in a face-to-face scenario. The goal was indicate where you fell on a spectrum across a number cultural orientation of measures. The challenge was to transform that into something digital that could then be part of a larger conversations. Watch the video […]

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Gravity Forms to Graph Interaction

After form submission the data is graphed and displayed. Boxes show your guess vs your actual score and combined scores of previous participants.

I’ve long wanted to build more interactive digital content after being inspired by Brett Victor’s explorable explanations. I’m now finally coming to the place where my ability to build things is starting to match my desire to create them. This particular piece of interactive content was inspired by the NYT’s You Draw It Obama article. […]

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Starting to Think Through a Mapping Theme with ACF

Footprints leading to the horizon in the snow.

We’re working with Dr. Nicole Turner on a mapping site that will accompany her upcoming book. There’s a lot of specifics there which we’re considering while trying to walk the fine line where what we make is also something we’ll be able to use with other people down the road. We want to generalize but […]

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WordPress Timeline JS Plugin

Background I like Timeline JS. It’s a nice way to create multimedia timelines. I’d previously done some work that would take WordPress JSON API data and insert it into the Timeline JS view.1 It was nice for creating alternate and standardized views of blogs that might be useful for different reasons. It didn’t serve some […]

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Considering Making Digital Sociology Tools

First off, I believe that websites that help you think are tools. Websites that help you author media are also tools. So when I say “tools” that’s what I mean. I will also likely call them sites. That’s also what I mean. I like to start off posts like these establishing the fact that I’m […]

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