Format paragraphs based on internal text

As part of the AI Detox, people are cutting and pasting AI/Human conversations from a little font-end chatbot I made with the ChatGPT 4 API. The responses are just in rich text for downloading/saving. The conversations look something like this. The “speaker” is automatically prepended.1 AI: Some weird sentence. Human: Some response. AI: I don’t […]

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Google Script to loop folder contents and copy Google Sheets content

I helped one of our athletic directors do some budget sheets for different teams. We then needed to add an additional sheet to all the workbooks and copy over content from a similar page. Given it’s about 20 or so workbooks, I scripted it.   […]

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Same content, different navigation

In this imperfect world, I often get involved in project after decisions have been made and content has been created. This is one of those scenarios. What we have is an online textbook. It has a sidebar menu for each section and at the bottom of each page are buttons for the previous/next page. Pretty […]

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Get your Jamboard text

A screenshot of Chrome with the developer tools open and the Elements tab selected. A search for .jam-frame-active is shown with the contextual menu showing to allowing copying of the element.

We’re doing some strategic planning in Google’s Jamboard. I find it good for the live/interactive aspects of the conversation but when I was looking back over it, it was hard for me to read and organize in my head. I decided I wanted the text from the various sticky notes in a spreadsheet so that […]

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FotoFika Art Baseball Cards

A screenshot of the art-based baseball cards.

Origin Story The 2020 All Stars project1 is tied to the FotoFika site supporting photography faculty teaching online due to COVID. One of the concerns that came up in discussions was that this year’s graduating class wouldn’t be getting the personal connections that normally happen during exhibitions. That led to a discussion around Mike Mandel’s […]

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Gravity Forms Notification to Google Spreadsheet

Small red plastic toy shovel.

The idea that data can flow to different places for different purposes is one of the key concepts I want people to believe in. Different technologies and different interfaces have different affordances depending on what you’re trying to do. In this case, we’ve built some online training for students. As part of that training they […]

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H4 Widget Headers – Incorrect Nesting Fix

Nothing fancy here but I’m documenting it for the benefit of beginners or people who don’t do this at all. It seems most of the widgets in WordPress automatically give you h4 headers when you add them to the sidebar. That seems to go against the idea of nested and orderly headers that WCAG accessibility […]

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