Download Panopto Playlist Videos Bookmarklet

I always thought bookmarklets were cool. I still think they are cool. I like the idea of little tiny tools that live in a place reserved for something else entirely. Alan has 89 posts mentioning bookmarklets. That’s also a clue that they’re interesting. What drove this was that Panopto removing the RSS feed option in their newest version. Our people used it as part of a bulk download process to get the videos out for captioning or something like that. I don’t really know the details but it is apparently a hassle to get the videos one by one. I looked around a bit at the Panopto API but I always get annoyed by having to deal with oauth if the information is public. I’ll probably go back to this later as the bookmarklet is more than bit awkward to explain. This does rely on you being logged in and the videos being set to allow downloads. The pattern here is that there is a table with a particular class (session-list). Each row of that table (that we want) has a data attribute containing the session ID of the video. That session ID can be added to a URL pattern to get the download. And the little window.open function opens the download URL. To make it work as a bookmarklet […]


CSV Bookmarklet

In the time of APIs, python scrapers and other cool things, bookmarklets have fallen from favor but they still have uses and I still like them. For small jobs that you want to make accessible to people they are still really handy. In this scenario Middlebury has lots of ways to get roster information about students but for this particular scenario we needed the student first name, last name, and their email address. We couldn’t get a nice export where all three of those things existed. We did have a web page where it existed but there was no export option. We could have cut/pasted but in this scenario we had a bunch of sections so that would be a hassle. I thought that a Python scraper was overdoing things and thought I could manage it with a little javascript bookmarklet. So what I did to work this out was to cut/paste a chunk of the roster information into a page of my own and start working out the javascript portion. Could I find the pieces and identify them? Below you can see a simplified version. I copied the HTML for one person and started playing with getting the data into separate arrays. It’s embedded below in CodePen if you want to see it all together but I’ll break down […]


Top Hat Content Rescue Bookmarklet

We have more and more people building things in Top Hat. Top Hat has some useful features (and a very aggressive sales team) but it’s not a place that makes it easy to get your content out. I am working with some of our biology faculty who have gotten an Open Stax textbook in there but want to put their now edited version someplace that is not Top Hat. The following bookmarklet will select the Top Hat content into a format that lets you cut/paste it into an HTML editor. You can see some of the issues with typical awkward paths for trying to get content out in the video. It’ll also show you how to add a bookmarklet if you’re looking for that.


Facebook Comments for Research

This is a post about (at least temporary) failure. I should be able to do all this via the Facebook API/SDK but I’m doing something wrong. While I’m learning a decent amount in the land of programming, fundamentally I still suck. With that cathartic self-flagellation out of the way . . . I’m working with someone who wants to grab all the comments from a large number of CDC posts about health issues for some research. She is currently doing it by hand. Here are two improvements to that awful reality.1 Expand All Comments In FB land if there are many comments you only see the most recent. And if there are many, many comments you have to keep hitting “View Previous Comments” over and over. That’s super boring to do once. If you have to do it a lot it would really suck. Enter Alec’s bookmarklet. I tweaked it a tiny bit because I think FB changed the wording but it works like a charm. You’d copy the text below. Add a bookmark and then click edit. Replace the URL with this text and name it whatever you want. Grab All Comments Now to grab all these enlightening comments . . . Install the Scraper Chrome Extension. You can now right click a particular item and choose “scrape similar.” […]


Diigo + FeedWordPress & WordPress Snap Workflow

These last few posts are an attempt to document both how things I post on this blog come back up and help me do new things and an attempt to document how I come to solutions for things that I don’t understand how to do. Then there’s an attempt to explain what I did in case anyone else wants to do the same. I hope that it’s a narrative on my learning process as much as it is a tutorial on the particular topic. The Past So I’m fairly focused on making things easier for myself for the simple fact that if they don’t make sense/work with my current life then I tend not to keep them up. A good examples is that way back in 20111 I modified the WordPress “Press This” bookmarklet in combination with the WordPress Snap plugin to allow me to auto generate screenshots of pages. I used it a few times after that but it didn’t fit my workflow. It solved one problem- I wanted visuals of these websites to make the posts more engaging but I didn’t want to take screenshots, upload them etc.2 So one problem solved but the fact remained that I didn’t use “Press This” to bookmark pages. I used Diigo for that kind of thing so despite solving one workflow […]