Surveillance Observatory Bookmarklet

This is a fun mix of Gravity Forms and a bit of javascript. We’ve got the Surveillance Observatory here and some ways to contribute stories. Participation there is sub-optimal. Lots of reasons for that and a chunk that I can’t solve but I can make submitting coverage easier. I wanted it to feel more like […]

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Download Panopto Playlist Videos Bookmarklet

I always thought bookmarklets were cool. I still think they are cool. I like the idea of little tiny tools that live in a place reserved for something else entirely. Alan has 89 posts mentioning bookmarklets. That’s also a clue that they’re interesting. What drove this was that Panopto removing the RSS feed option in […]

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Top Hat Content Rescue Bookmarklet

We have more and more people building things in Top Hat. Top Hat has some useful features (and a very aggressive sales team) but it’s not a place that makes it easy to get your content out. I am working with some of our biology faculty who have gotten an Open Stax textbook in there […]

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Facebook Comments for Research

This is a post about (at least temporary) failure. I should be able to do all this via the Facebook API/SDK but I’m doing something wrong. While I’m learning a decent amount in the land of programming, fundamentally I still suck. With that cathartic self-flagellation out of the way . . . I’m working with […]

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Diigo + FeedWordPress & WordPress Snap Workflow

These last few posts are an attempt to document both how things I post on this blog come back up and help me do new things and an attempt to document how I come to solutions for things that I don’t understand how to do. Then there’s an attempt to explain what I did in […]

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