Send Email to Different Addresses Based on Form Responses in Google Script

That title’s SEO gold, Jerry! I’ve used this pattern several times recently so I figured I’d write it up and break up the endless stream of “Weekly Web Harvest” posts. Google Forms are great but the options for doing more with emails are limited. Often people want to be alerted to a submission or to […]

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Gravity Forms Notification to Google Spreadsheet

Small red plastic toy shovel.

The idea that data can flow to different places for different purposes is one of the key concepts I want people to believe in. Different technologies and different interfaces have different affordances depending on what you’re trying to do. In this case, we’ve built some online training for students. As part of that training they […]

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Hiding Comment Emails

Will Wonka asking you to tell him again what WordPress can't do.

Obscuring emails in WordPress . . . the comments edition. This is likely overkill but given that VCU has concerns about student emails being divulged via group emails we figured it wouldn’t hurt. I don’t want a class requiring commenting on student sites and that resulting in student unintentionally divulging their VCU emails because they’re […]

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WordPress Multisite Email Hider

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Virginia recently passed some FOIA legislation (and even more legislation) that says essentially that institutions can’t release student emails without written consent. That includes student directories and other fairly traditional things done with student emails. It led us to look at our WordPress multisite install.1 While a VCU email address is required to sign up […]

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An Inventory of My Thoughts

I’m no Myron Helfgott, but I’ve made a few minor changes to my life which have been at least semi-interesting. It’s not about productivity. It’s more about eliminating distractions that have wormed their way into my head. These reflexive actions are scary because they eat into the way you think or in some cases if […]

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VCU Photo Safari

10:00 -10:50 am | Tom Woodward will be your guide on this photo safari as we look at the world through different lenses. This shift in both perspective and attention has the potential to change how you think about many things. After a brief exploration of a few different types of photography, we’ll take our […]

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