Simple Content Restrictor Plugin

An old drawing of an owl.

Origin Story I had a number of emails from people trying to restrict content in various ways. One person wanted to restrict access because they were editing previously published content. Another person wanted more of a traditional membership-style option with the ability to restrict certain content based on user roles. I looked at some of […]

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Hiding Comment Emails

Will Wonka asking you to tell him again what WordPress can't do.

Obscuring emails in WordPress . . . the comments edition. This is likely overkill but given that VCU has concerns about student emails being divulged via group emails we figured it wouldn’t hurt. I don’t want a class requiring commenting on student sites and that resulting in student unintentionally divulging their VCU emails because they’re […]

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WordPress Multisite Email Hider

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Virginia recently passed some FOIA legislation (and even more legislation) that says essentially that institutions can’t release student emails without written consent. That includes student directories and other fairly traditional things done with student emails. It led us to look at our WordPress multisite install.1 While a VCU email address is required to sign up […]

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