Diigo Summary Posts CSS Modification

I haven’t found a better way to do the weekly summary posts than Diigo, so I spent five minutes messing with the CSS to make it look a little more like what I’d like. You can do this in WordPress from the WP Admin sidebar under Appearance>Edit CSS. .diigo-linkroll li { list-style-type: none; } .diigo-link […]

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Bounty of the Sea, Fluidity of the Web

Digital media flows and that’s part of what makes so many interesting things possible.1 The Sea You are literally adrift in a sea of content. There are so many people out there who do an amazing amount of work to find and write interesting things. Gather them. Use them. Add and prune these sites until […]

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Weekly Links Post (experiment)

The following is something I’m experimenting with. I’ve been pretty interested in workflows lately and I’m trying to get a little more out of bookmarking. The ability to create a summary post at preset time intervals based on a particular tag is something Diigo offers. I’m hoping that taking advantages of some of these bells […]

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