Diigo Summary Posts CSS Modification

I haven’t found a better way to do the weekly summary posts than Diigo, so I spent five minutes messing with the CSS to make it look a little more like what I’d like. You can do this in WordPress from the WP Admin sidebar under Appearance>Edit CSS. .diigo-linkroll li { list-style-type: none; } .diigo-link a { background: #e6e6e6; font-size: 1.25em; padding: 2px; display: block; } .diigo-tags { display: none; } The first piece (.diigo-linkroll li) gets rid of the unordered list structure. The second portion (.diigo-link a) makes slightly larger text and puts a gray background behind the links- which essentially function like headers for the different articles referenced. The final piece (.diigo-tags) just makes the auto-included tags invisible. I may need to rethink this but it does clean up the post which looked far too messy for my tastes. You can see the side by side comparison below.

Bounty of the Sea, Fluidity of the Web

Digital media flows and that’s part of what makes so many interesting things possible.1 The Sea You are literally adrift in a sea of content. There are so many people out there who do an amazing amount of work to find and write interesting things. Gather them. Use them. Add and prune these sites until you get what you really want. This should be your own beautiful ocean of content- sparking ideas and giving you great enjoyment. If it isn’t then you have only yourself to blame. These are some sites that perform well for me. Your needs and interests will likely vary but there are worse places to start. The Harvest Now that you have many good things flowing by, you’ll need a way to save all this good stuff. Some you’ll use in the moment, many other things you’ll tuck away for later, or for someone else, or just in case. This is painless and comes with so many benefits.2 Back in the day I used Delicious. I now use Diigo (which backs up to Delicious and Pinboard).3 Diigo allows you to create groups as well. A number of our content specialists are using it to multiply their power. They’ve chosen some teachers to add to their groups. The specialists can then skim the cream of the links […]


Weekly Links Post (experiment)

The following is something I’m experimenting with. I’ve been pretty interested in workflows lately and I’m trying to get a little more out of bookmarking. The ability to create a summary post at preset time intervals based on a particular tag is something Diigo offers. I’m hoping that taking advantages of some of these bells and whistles will help me come to like Diigo. After using Diigo for a few months, I still don’t like it. For instance, their bookmarklet loads, then pauses and adds something that makes me hit the wrong button about 30% of the time. I’m also not a fan of the way they embed ads. I miss Delicious Classic like people missed Coke after the debacle that was New Coke. After the Yahoo abandonment I hung on because I’d always preferred the simplicity. Eventually, the poor performance of the remixed Delicious literally forced me to leave. Way too often bookmarking a page resulted in having to hit refresh before I could interact with it again. That’s impressively dysfunctional. The subsequent loss of link rolls and other basic functionality eventually resulted in my move to Diigo. My current setup is supposed to mirror Diigo to Delicious which then feeds my Pinboard account. So if Delicious ever stops actively breaking things, I’m prepared to return. It may be […]