Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-02-02

Teens have figured out how to mess with Instagram’s tracking algorithm – CNETEach time she refreshed the Explore tab, it was a completely different topic, none of which she was interested in. That’s because Mosley wasn’t the only person using this account — it belonged to a group of her friends, at least five of whom could be on at any given time. Maybe they couldn’t hide their data footprints, but they could at least leave hundreds behind to confuse trackers. These teenagers are relying on a sophisticated network of trusted Instagram users to post content from multiple different devices, from multiple different locations.  Assembler — a Jigsaw experimentAssembler analyzes images using detectors — technology trained to identify specific types of manipulation — and evaluates if and where images may have been altered. –this seems to be a pattern that won’t go well Steven Donovan on Instagram: “There were a lot of stairs to the bottom so @adrenaline.addiction took the quick way down as soon as we showed up. Most of the cenotes…”Seeing the second video gives a bit of insight into how strange the video work has gotten. That selfie stick . . . Wesley Aptekar-Cassels | Things I Believe About Software EngineeringBeing aligned with teammates on what you’re building is more important than building the right thing. Peak […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-01-26

Teenage sleep and technology engagement across the week [PeerJ]Results derived from the use of transparent Specification Curve Analysis methods show that the negative associations in evidence are mainly driven by retrospective technology use measures and measures of total time spent on digital devices during the day. The effects are overall very small: for example, an additional hour of digital screen time per day was only related to a 9 min decrease in total time spent sleeping on weekdays and a 3 min decrease on weekends. Using digital screens 30 min before bed led to a 1 min decrease in total time spent sleeping on weekdays and weekends. The study shows that more work should be done examining how to measure digital screen time before interventions are designed. My journey into the Tech Deck underground | The Outline Within months of Tech Decks landing on store shelves, the popular skate video series 411 Video Magazine put together Fingers of Fury!, a 15-minute video highlighting a group of finger-skaters from Canada and France, who somehow managed to master a number of insanely complex fingerboard tricks using their own collections of ledges, rails, and duct-taped quarter pipes. Virginia governor looks to curb state aid for online courses“Despite receiving the most TAG money of all private institutions in Virginia, Liberty University spends the least […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-01-19

Activist Graduate School – Online University for Protesters, Movement Creators & Changemakersfound via this thread https://twitter.com/Birdyword/status/1219519602079617029/photo/1 Grimes Debuts WarNymph Social Media Accounts for Her Unborn Baby | Consequence of SoundIn one, the 3D baby speaks directly into the camera about, you guessed it, the impending apocalypse! “This is the end of the world. The world stands on a ledge. Death and the end is nigh,” it says in a whispery, quiet voice. “The next planet in the solar system… it’s called death. The sun explodes and we all die. The earth is going deafeningly quiet.” Akon is building a Senegal city powered by his cryptocurrency, Akoin – Business InsiderOn Monday, the singer tweeted that he had finalized an agreement to build a 2,000-acre “Akon City” in the West African country, which he has said will be like a “real life Wakanda,” a reference to the futuristic African country in the 2018 film, “Black Panther.” The city will run entirely on Akoin. Make a streets map of anywhere in the world | FlowingDatato be used in the future for a website background


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-01-12

Michael Pederson on Instagram: “Empty space #streetart #miguelmarquezoutside”Worth clicking through to see. Harry Harris: Mustache of US ambassador sparks uproar – CNN“I didn’t grow a mustache because of my Japanese heritage, because of the independence movement of Korea or even because of my dad. I grew it because I could and I thought I would and I did,” he said. Gateway to Astronaut Photography of EarthFun images with a variety of uses. Schools Are Surveilling Students; Here’s How One Might Hack ThemHere, you might also learn enough to write your own app that can log in just like the real one and emit your own “I am here” signal. Maybe as a first step, you voluntarily collect the credentials of lots of other students for your custom app which can log in as all of them at once… then just hide this phone somewhere near the classroom to register all the time as all of those students at once. Science Slider All – Tiny Helpers Let’s talk about your resume | Hugo Giraudel, web developer in BerlinA decent reflective piece with some stuff that’s applicable more broadly.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-01-05

daviddao/awful-ai: ?Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI – hoping to raise awarenessAwful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI – hoping to raise awareness to its misuses in society Wireheading: when machine learning systems jolt their reward centers by cheating / Boing Boing these systems (AI) achieve their notional goals while subverting their own purpose, with names like “model stealing, rewarding hacking and poisoning attacks.” — so just like what happens with people and data . . . 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Get your MLS (Master of Lighthouse Science) – McSweeney’s Internet TendencyToo many waves? Want to tone down that Nor’easter? Ghost pirates stepped out of the fog again and created hazardous working conditions? Hah. Good luck getting the ocean to respond to that email. –and the last one re online edu . . . Can I realistically avoid services that are part of my education? : privacyh/t Doug Levin on Twitter The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the DecadeSteve Jobs wouldn’t let his kids have iPads. Bill Gates wouldn’t let his kids have cellphones. Again and again, the media told stories — wildly popular stories, apparently — about how technology industry executives refuse to allow their own children to use the very products they were […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-12-29

How one astronomer hears the UniverseI presented users with simulated data of astronomical spectra and asked them to look for a characteristic double peak that indicates a black hole. We had people try to identify signals that were masked by noise by using vision only, by combining visual interaction and sound, and by using audio only. We found that when you combine audio with visual interaction, your sensitivity to the signal improves. That tells us we need to focus on a transition to studying how these methods can benefit everyone, not only visually impaired people. Thank You For Joining Our Gym and Thereby Helping Us Avoid a Devastating Legal Battle With The Producers of the Hit History Channel Show, Vikings – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency“Maybe I don’t want to transform my body,” you might say. “Maybe my body is fine just as it is!” Let’s be clear: Your body is not fine as it is. Your body is weak, fleshy, and wholly unable to plunder a Scandinavian village with brutal efficiency.


Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-12-22

Tesseract.js | Pure Javascript OCR for 100 Languages!Tesseract.js is a pure Javascript port of the popular Tesseract OCR engine. This library supports more than 100 languages, automatic text orientation and script detection, a simple interface for reading paragraph, word, and character bounding boxes. Tesseract.js can run either in a browser and on a server with NodeJS. These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Books – Atlas Obscura This Is How To Change Someone’s Mind: 6 Secrets From Research – Barking Up The Wrong Tree


Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-12-08

“Link In Bio” is a slow knifeFor a closed system, those kinds of open connections are deeply dangerous. If anyone on Instagram can just link to any old store on the web, how can Instagram — meaning Facebook, Instagram’s increasingly-overbearing owner — tightly control commerce on its platform? If Instagram users could post links willy-nilly, they might even be able to connect directly to their users, getting their email addresses or finding other ways to communicate with them. Links represent a threat to closed systems. –just like RSS headlessCMS | Top Content Management Systems for JAMstack sites Small Technology Foundation – About Ethical EdTech Harvesting the Blood of America’s Poor: The Latest Stage of CapitalismThe number of collection centers in the United States has more than doubled since 2005 and blood now makes up well over 2 percent of total U.S. exports by value. To put that in perspective, Americans’ blood is now worth more than all exported corn or soy products that cover vast areas of the country’s heartland. The U.S. supplies fully 70 percent of the world’s plasma, mainly because most other countries have banned the practice on ethical and medical grounds. Exports increased by over 13 percent, to $28.6 billion, between 2016 and 2017, and the plasma market is projected to “grow radiantly,” according to one industry […]