Pop Culture and Education Omnibus

A few odd educational goodies from today’s RSS soup. I lay them out here for your dining pleasure.

Mental Floss serves up Monte Python clips referencing all sorts of classic literature. References include- Proust, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Dickens and others. A great way to start of a class or provide a little levity when things are rough reading.
They’re linked through on YouTube for your use but if that’s blocked don’t forget about Vixy.net to download them.

Boston.com’s “How to Nap” infographic
would be a great way to re-think a project or report. Check out just how much information is crammed in there. You want some deep processing? Get your students creating something this dense in a way that’s visually pleasing and doesn’t feel oppressive.

Crop Circle
The Pi Crop Circle via the Uri’s Eso Garden Blog
makes for some really interesting math related conversations and possible activities. Give them the image and tell them it is a code for pi and see who can figure it out. You could make one about pi or any other significant number or date. There would be lots of hands on measurement (angles, lines etc.) and thought involved (use chalk on the parking lot if you’re fresh out of local barley fields or maybe you’ve got a local field of tall grass).

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  1. Julie Carney said on September 25, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    These are great methods for changing things up in the classroom, especially the Monty Python clips. You’ve given me some great ideas for the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation’s blog, which I’m helping start.