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  • “Keeping your colors simple was the best way to do this but it restricted character design and forced them to create an inventive way to make the character stand out.

    Esthetics and the superhero persona.
    Working within the limitations I described above, comic book artists took great strides to make powerful and lasting impressions. Right or wrong and consciously or not, this led to emphasizing hyper masculine or hyper feminine character traits to make the characters seem larger than life on such a simple format. We often see color changes or divisions at the waist, groin, feet, hands and chest. This allows the characters to have certain “attributes” stand out.”

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  • Information = Money = Information = Power = Money

    “In the case of the University of Michigan’s consumer-confidence survey, Thomson Reuters was scheduled in 2013 to pay $1.1 million to be the exclusive distributor of the closely watched report.

    According to the contract obtained by the Journal, Thomson Reuters is allowed to release the survey results to certain high-paying subscribers two seconds before it is made public.

    Marketing materials produced by Thomson Reuters say that paying clients get an “exclusive 2-second advanced feed of results” designed for high-frequency trading firms.”

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  • Wonder about a lot of this article but worth considering.

    “Furthermore, we asked for suggestions on how to improve the game. A majority of them wanted the game to be easier and they suggested many ways to do this. Some of them wanted a mandatory tutorial while others wanted more ways to kill things besides jumping on them. We explained that Mario could shoot fire balls with the Fire Flower power-up, but then they wanted Mario to start with more weapons like a sword or a gun.

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