Numbers and Context

Initiated by ISTE and signed by more than 1,700 educators (emphasis mine) from across the United States, the petition applauds President Obama for his ConnectEd initiative, which aims to connect 99 percent of U.S. students to the internet through high-speed broadband and high-speed wireless within five years. – from Tech for Learning

For context, almost 30,000 people want to recognize acupuncturists as health care providers.1

Almost 1,200 people want to make Miley Cyrus’sParty in the USA” our new national anthem.2

And to make it worse, ISTE claims more than 18,000 educators attended their recent conference. Maybe Jane McGonigal should have made a petition signing game instead of opting for thumb wrestling.

1 No word yet on that same recognition for phrenology.

2 Bruce Springsteen had no comment.