Animated GIFs

Forrest Gump

Not my favorite movie but I’m now randomly thinking of movie shots that would make good animated GIFs in my head during spare moments.


Red Dawn was one of my favorite movies growing up. I lived in South Korea on an army base when this came out. I was totally prepared to live out this movie- full camouflage and survival gear every day, fully trained and prepared. I then go to Youtube and see if my memory has any fidelity. You see the results below.

Messed up the speed on this one but I leave it here as a momento of a lesson learned. Even if it looks right in PS, don’t trash the capture file- EVEN if it keeps your desktop cleaner.

Blues Brothers

Another actual favorite.

7 thoughts on “Animated GIFs

  1. I may very well be copying someone I saw in the distant past with one or more of the Gump GIFs. I have some hazy memories. If so, I apologize to them for not crediting them properly.

  2. Like Noise Professor, now you are the machine. I love the Wolverines stuff, and the Forrest Gump wave is awesome, made me laugh out loud. That said, the pin pong animated gif is excellent, you are getting good at this in just a little bit of time, but like you said, it is that subtlety of movement that makes the animated gif art for me. And part of that is coming up with the perfect scene. When I get on the creative war path, I have some ideas to put the bava back on top—but until then….


    1. The Red Dawn stuff isn’t as good a GIF but I love that movie so much I put them up anyway. When I get down to this for real, I think I’ll capture my own video rather than relying on whatever comes up on YouTube. The sick thing is how many scenes keep coming up in my head during random times now. Weird how viral these things can get, at least in my own head.

      Enjoy Italy. I would love to be there with a camera and a chunk of time. The Bava is always #1 in my heart.

  3. Best part of Gump Gif 1 are the two absolutely grooving onlookers to the right of Our Hero (well, yours, at least, maybe).

    Is that one guy doing the robot?

    1. I wouldn’t mind being like Forrest. No worries, fame, and fortune. I am from Alabama so I’ve got that going for me.

      Funny I didn’t even notice the background because I was so focused on getting the loop right.

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