Avatars and their Creators

Photographer Robbie Cooper has compiled a set of photos of Avatars and their creators for his book, Alter Ego. New Scientist has a photo essay up with Cooper sharing some of the stories behind his photos. It was fascinating to hear about the varied motivations of the gamers. Their stories may help you build a case for using virtual worlds in the classroom. Cooper’s gamers are not online simply to play. They are socialites, entrepreneurs, pilgrims, and the liberated.

Link (via BoingBoing)

One thought on “Avatars and their Creators

  1. A fun thing to do would be to take this idea, show them the parallels between the people and their avatars then have the students create the avatars that characters from a novel or out of history would have made had they been able to. They would then explain why they chose the various aspects of the avatar. You’d get a lot of deep thinking going on with that.


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