Data Doing Double Duty

Duel Stats

It’s just odd questions people have asked that you can vote on. Everything from your weapon choice in a duel to choosing your favorite time period.

The nice thing about this site is it taps into student interest in couple of ways.

  1. They can participate by voting.
  2. The questions are odd enough to be interesting.
  3. It’s social in that it allows you to see how others are voting.
  4. It’s dynamic. Questions have a limited life, so new stuff is always moving in.

How would I use it?

  • Just looking at charts, graphs and data for discussion would be useful.
  • You could work in more math by having them keep track of the class response and compare it to the web response (ratios, percentages etc).
  • I might also use the questions and data as writing prompts. – Why did you choose the _______ period as your favorite period to live in? Why do you think so many others agreed/disagreed?
  • It’d be a fun icebreaker for the first few days of school.

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