I Want Video Proof of My Poor Judgement

College professors responding to RateMyProfessor via video on an MTV site


Professors Strike Back Out

Such. A. Bad. Idea.

I’ve rarely seen college professors come off worse. Nothing says class like snarky replies to anonymous comments on web sites. Better yet, I want to do it in conjunction with MTV (who can’t even get streaming video right on the site). And let’s make it nice and permanent.

If the accusations are false, then you can’t really control it. If they are true, then fix things.

Really, I keep looking back to see if this is a joke. It doesn’t appear to be.

Check out this guy.

“Don’t expect to be entertained in my classroom. Education is a challenge not an entertainment.”

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3 thoughts on “I Want Video Proof of My Poor Judgement

  1. Yeah, something about wrestling with pigs comes to mind.

    But it also seems like some of the students probably have a point. These people come off very poorly for the most part. I’d be ashamed.


  2. One of our faculty was asked by several parties (including parents) to have his Professors Strike Back videos taken down. He faced censure by the Faculty Senate for some of the content of his videos. It was all resolved once the videos were removed. The recent NYT article on this included no mention of him or the whole fiasco.

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